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Hej all!

If this was a German speaking-forum I’d probably make a joke about how I feel very “kartoffelig” (which literally translates to potatoey) which is an idiom used to designate someone being very stereotypically German (orderly, systematic, bureaucratic, all the good stuff). Let’s not talk about the potatoe not being native to Germany and all that. :wink:
Anyway. There’s lots of extremely cool character sheets on the forum but they are floating around in this virtual index card zettelkasten and not all of them are tagged with the character-sheet tag. One can find them of course by typing “character sheet” into the search box and scroll through all the entries. But why bother? Use this post as an entry hub instead and have everything in one place. This repository serves the same function as the Repository: DM Kit Essentials-post: it collects all the posts and functions as a sort of entry hub to things one might otherwise miss. Please add anything I have missed.


Matt Slaton’s Character Sheet
Scotty Robert’s Homebrew System Character Sheet
Data Lore’s Character Sheet
Dave Thaumavore’s Character Sheet
nonzer0value’s Character Sheet
Jola’s Weird West Character Sheet
GM Grizzly’s Character Sheet for Magic/Forces
Data Lore’s Lairs & Leviathans Character Sheet
David McLees’ Character Sheet
Kindred’s Space Vehicle Sheet
Runehammer’s Old School Halfsie Sheet
Data Lore’s ICRPG/5e-Hybrid Sheet
Kane Driscol’s Ship Sheet for BigGrump’s Star Wars-hack
Old Ben’s ICRPG + FATE Character Sheets
Jola’s Ghost Mountain Character Health Clocks
Pansophy’s Warp Shell Character Sheet I
Pansophy’s Warp Shell Character Sheet II
Pansophy’s 1920’s Campaign Character Sheet
DMChef’s Pocket Mod Character Sheet
Meadbeard’s ICRPG Sheet for Mobile
s5photog’s Warp Shell Character Sheet
tilmah’s ICRPG Landscape Character Sheet
Kane Driscol’s ICRPG Character Half Sheet
Kane Driscol’s Simplified Convention Character Half Sheets
Matt Slaton’s ICRPG Master Edition Character Sheet
GB_phd’s ASOIAF-ICRPG-Character Sheet
Kane Driscol’s Blood & Snow Character Sheet
Kordor92’s A5 Sized Custom Character Sheet
ArtfulDodger’s Warp Shell Character Sheet
Quirkville’s ICRPG Character Sheet
Cooksadventures’ DIY Character Sheet I
Cooksadventures’ DIY Character Sheet II
rockistrollis’ Character Sheet With Extra Steps
Quirkville’s Magic User Character Sheet
Chris Wolfie’s ICRPG Character Sheet (Polish & English)
Nimlouth’s ICRPG Character Sheet Version 1 (Spanish)
Nimlouth’s ICRPG Character Sheet Version 2 (Spanish)
Nimlouth’s Updated Character Sheets (Spanish)
Sweenie_McGuffin’s Quick & Dirty Magic-User Form-Fillable Character Sheet
Khan’s Character Sheet
Khan’s Mage Character Sheet
Kreeba’s Character Sheet with step-by-step guide, TAGS & MAGIC
Dragonlair’s 3 Character Sheets-Per-Page
Sweenie_McGuffin’s MtG-Character Sheets
DMChef’s Go-To Character Sheet
ScottyRoberts’ Character Sheets
waddinghambrett’s Character Sheet
Axiomaric’s First Custom Character Sheet
Kordor92’s Old School Mishmash Character Sheet

Viking Death Squad and VDS-hacks

NG1976’s VDS Character Sheet (via Reddit)
Grimcleaver’s Retooled VDS Sheet
tilmah’s Vanilla VDS Hacker Sheet

VTT & Online Character Sheets

Swendude’s ICRPG Online Character Sheet
Twotrick’s ICRPG Character Sheet (Astral Tabletop VTT)
msnmllr’s Google Sheets Character Sheet
GMagnus Character Sheet for Google Spreadsheets
Lon’s Altered State Character Sheet for Google Slides

UPDATE (30.04.2022): I have included all character sheets I could find on the forum. If I’ve missed anything, let me know! :slight_smile:

Our custom character sheet for EZD6
Expanding Runehammer
ICRPG/DungeonCraft Character Sheet by Matt Slaton
Repository: Templates
Runehammer VTT: What do you use for character sheets?
ICRPG Character Sheet (Landscape)
Questions about character sheets, stun points and wisdom spells

Love potatoes. Mashed, roasted, baked, fried, boiled, shredded, microwaved, sautéed ….


How dare you leave me out of this list, Herr Kartoffel?!!?! :smile:



I’ve only included the ones that are not tagged with the “character-sheet”-tag. Yours are tagged and can be easily found. :wink:
I can of course expand the original post to include all character sheets independent of already existing tags. :smiley:


That would be more useful I think, as in one stop shop for all character sheets, but it is up to you of course.


I am little by little populating my original posts with all character sheets I can find on the forum.
Maybe this post can be pinned when I’m done to not have it swept away by the tides of amazing future content? :smiley:

UPDATE: I am done. My original post should now include every character sheet on the forum. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the shoutout! I’m making a new version of my online sheet that reflect ME :slight_smile:


Holy crap this is extensive A F. Asesome job. Also funnily enough, I was looking for my own Character Sheets to (maybe) update them to ICRPG ME the other day but couldn’t actually find them in my mess of a drive. So thanks a lot for including then here hahaha.


Hej @Alex, would it be okay to pin this post so that it’s always up top in the forum as a quick reference to all the character sheets? I would update it or have people post their character sheets as responses to this post.


More than happy to do so! What you have done here is killer.

Two caveats, though:

  1. Every time you read the message, it will unpin for you (a slightly unhelpful feature of discourse).

  2. There is a limit on the number of times you can edit a post. I think it’s 30. Once you hit that mark, you won’t be able to add any more to the original post; any successive updates will have to be added as comments (again, another, ahem, feature).

I just wanted to mention those two limitations, so all hearts and minds are clear. What I really like, though, is the word “repository” in the title. I think if we recommend that folks search for that, they should have no trouble finding this post. My vision is to have other similar threads with the repository title. Great work, man.



Hej, thanks. Yeah, the “repository”-thing was an idea I had, when I did the GM Kit-thing.
I thought it was a good idea to decide on a term beforehand that can also serve as a quick search term.
I also wouldn’t mind having more repositories in the future. :slight_smile:


Has anyone made a two sided sheet that gives more room to write in the details of gear/abilities/etc? I’ve done a sampling of the sheets listed above and didn’t see. I suppose if the answer is no I’ll end up making one! :grin:


Yes. WotC. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Please do and I’ll add it to the list. :slight_smile:
I have collected all character sheets but I can’t remember all of them. :sweat_smile:


I have some custom character sheets if you want to add them to the list


Hej @James_Horn. Thanks very much!
I was told that there is an upper limit to how often I can edit my initial post, so I am going to collect new or reworked sheets for a while and will enter them in one big batch at a later time. I have bookmarked your sheet though to remember to include it. Also: really nice clean looking sheet you did there. :slight_smile:


First post!

I made a character sheet booklet with homebrewery, there shouldn’t be any licensing issues as most graphics are from openclipart och Axebanes “ICRPG Style! Fantasy Stock Art” package on drivethrurpg (where they explicitly state that they’re good to use for thi type of thing)

Hopefully someone will find it useful and hopefully it can make the cut for the next revision of this list. :slight_smile:

Homebrewery link


If you want to include a form fillable ICME sheet :slight_smile:


Any custom character sheets for 5e Hardcore Mode out there? Prefer as simplified as possible.