Weird West Character Sheet



Hi, probably a ton of these posted but here’s my character sheet concept for a ghost mountain home brew.
I like the idea of native american magic and some sort of divine spellcasting but didn’t think it warrented 2 different stats to do so I combined INT into WIS. WISDOM seems to encapsulate study/intellect etc etc.
I also thought a Morale stat would be a good addition. Ghost Mountain feels like a scary place which would test a PC’s nerve when meeting high level monsters. Anyway feel free to feeback your thoughts etc. Best Jo


I haven’t played Ghost Mountain yet, but the Weird West-feel I get reminds me of Deadlands or the Down Darker Trails-setting for Call of Cthulhu. Coming from those games, I was wondering what happens, when a player fails a Morale-check? Do you have Morale as a kind of hitpoint pool that takes “damage” whenever a player fails their check or is it more freeform?


I like it, it looks good! Well done!


Hey, I think a failed morale check would result in some sort of penalty. The task the PC is about to do becomes HARD. Or they become stunned/too scared and miss an action. I do like the idea of having sanity points like in Cthulhu but might be too much.


That sheet looks fantastic!