Character Sheet for MAGIC/FORCES



So it’s that time of year and D&D club starts with my students next week. I was doodling a character sheet that combined aspects of MAGIC with my project FORCES, basically a sheet with with player customized mastery.

Any feedback?

Repository: Character Sheets
Questions about character sheets, stun points and wisdom spells

I love the “I did this instead of listening during class” look to this. It looks amazing!


Feedback? It looks awesome, my man!


Hahaha thanks! I was doing during study hall


Looks awesome as per usual man! You always put out some good content.


Very cool! I like the icons, particularly the coin. This is inspiring me to try making my own character sheet one day.


@TheWunderLich thank you! It’s been ages since my last publication. Work is crazy haha

I still have plans and the recent flurry of community content has given new inspiration for me. We’ll see if something happens before the year gets out!


@rpgerminator do it! It was super fun to map out and make. Happy side effect of the pen was the occasional ink blot. I think it added a lot of character


You said you work at a school? I just got a job at a school in Boulder. You’re in Colorado too right? Maybe we could collab or something


@TheWunderLich That would be awesome! I’m in Greeley, so a little out of the way. I’m sure we can think of something


Most of my best work is done at work!! XD


Thanks for the encouragement, I will make this happen!