Another character sheet!



Created this for the game I’m going to run here at the college. A couple of complete RPG newbies and the rest have played, but not ICRPG! No guns in the game I’m running, but I gave two handed weapons and big smashy things the d8!

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Beautiful! Seriously cool, man, thanks for sharing!

I don’t use d10 effort myself, I keep magic at d8 and save d10s for Loot rolls :smiley: But I have a hack where small weapons (dagger) use Weapon Effort -2 (d6-2) but you can use them with Str or Dex and gain an extra attack on a 18+ hit, one-handed weapons (mace, short sword) are normal weapon effort but have some cool traits, martial weapons (longsword, warhammer) are weapon effort +2 (d6+2) and big weapons (two-handed sword) are double weapon effort -2 (2d6-2). I like to keep everything inside the D6 of the weapon effort :smile: Guns and energy weapons simply use some bonus/double/triple/whatever, but that’s just me.


Looking good my dude!
A suggestion for that D8 is the Fray action from Godbound, if you wanna look it up: it make players feel like badasses! :v:


I think this looks great. I also had the same though of changing the Effort to “Basic, Light Weapons & Tools, Heavy Weapons, etc.” It didn’t make sense to me to have Weapons as d6 and Guns as d8.


Just curious, but if small weapons like daggers are d6 -2, why not just use a d4?


Hey, man, great question. There’s no particular reason to not use D4 for small weapons (D6-2) or D8/D10 for bigger weapons (D6+2 or 2D6-2), except that… I didn’t want to. I tried to keep the idea that WEAPON effort is a D6 and modified all weapons to dish out a variant of D6 damage. Math was not a factor in the decision at all, just style. Likewise, certain spells deal variant D8 damage (a triple-magic effort spell deals 3D8 damage, for example). But sometimes, half-effort uses D3 (half Weapon) or D4 (half Magic). It’s just like the way we like it, nothing more.


Fair enough! I get what you’re saying… makes sense now.