Questions about character sheets, stun points and wisdom spells


Is there a character sheet without powers and augments (I play in Alfheim)?
Where do you track your wisdom spells, since they don’t occupy inventory space?
If you use the advanced magic system, how do you track your SPs and Spell Mastery?



I use an index card for items in extra item slots and magic.
For the character sheet i use the powers and augments, to write skills or notes. Sorry if my english isn’t good, is not my first language.


Advanced magic recommends a notebook over a character sheet. It’s not a supplement I’m very familiar with though, I don’t really use it.

The base character sheet is setting agnostic, but you should be able to find more specific ones if you dig around on here.


Take a look at this one.

Character Sheet for MAGIC/FORCES

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And this one!

Actually, here’s the whole list! :grin: