ICRPG Master Edition Character sheet by MattSlaton



Pdf Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZrCkwaTnWrsgLfIyiN9qoo7VwldiALyz/view?usp=drivesdk

I have finished my Index Card RPG Master Edition Character sheet.

Made a few spelling corrections and revised some vocabulary for clarity.

Added an expanded character story (The goal of this is to help give both the Player and GM a little more info to work with when building their story arcs.)

I wanted to keep the equiped gear close to stats and effort because one directly modifies the other. I’ve also numbered the equiped slots to make rolling for damage on random gear easier.

Conditions for noteing status effects such and lycanthropy, curses, blindness, sleep, poisoned, etc. (Primarily just for book keeping purposes.)

Added faint colored text to Base/Form/Loot fields to explain each slot (not sure if this will work out. Let me know it there are any problems with it.)


Changed the “Ultimate Effort” Shape from a Pentagon to a hexagon.

Added “Love, Hate, Fear” back into the character Details (had the space, so why not?)

Lightened the BFL text in the Stat Blocks. (Once I printed a phisical copy, I noticed it was a little darker that I wanted it.)


Repository: Character Sheets

nice one! Very clean lines and style! :smiley: Snatched! :sunglasses:


Loving the look of this so much! Snatched as well :herocoin:


Looking good, well done! :smile:


Thanks, @Spizzzle!

I’m glad you like it. Tried my best to design the layout where everything makes sense and keep everything clean looking.


Good work, thanks mate!


Fantastic, and thank you for sharing!


Love It! This Character Sheet is especially cool with the action/skill references with the Stat Sources.


Putting the equipped loot next to the stats and effort is a great idea!


Just printed some of these out for my group. Very nice. Thanks for sharing.