NZV's ICRPG Character Sheet - Form Fillable


All credit goes to Michael Moch (nonzer0value) who made this amazing character sheet… I’ve just made it, form-fillable at the request of DM Scotty. Stats calculate, and equipment spaces support rich text, so you can adjust the font size in any editor and copy paste in as desired.

WARP SHELL Character Sheet
RPG Party, a character sheet app
Repository: Character Sheets

Thaaaank YAO!
Really great!


this is cool looking. ill print it out and try it. thank you @Jason_Scranton and @nonzer0value for the post


Oh wow, I’ve been out of the loop for too long! A belated thanks @Jason_Scranton for the upgrade. :slight_smile:


Thank you man, this is still my favorite character sheet


@nonzer0value do you know what font you used to make this character sheet? I’m doing a personal edit to add DOG PILE and I cant get the internet to help me out.


It looks very comic book ish… :sweat_smile:


Looking great! Thanks a lot for this!


I too am very much wanting to know what font this was! I love the design of this sheet.


I know this is a LONG delay in answering this question, so sorry, life got Weird and stuff. Anyway the sheet was created in LucidChart and the font used was KOMIKA HAND. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


I personally love this sheet. Would love to see do something similar with the new character sheet from the Master’s edition!