Character Sheet for Warp Shell



I am about to run ICRPG for the first time with my home group. We are playing Warp Shell and I worked up a character sheet. The main font is DestructoBeam BB with a little Roswell Wreckage. Both fonts are by

Repository: Character Sheets

That’s a nice character sheet!


That’s too cool! The fonts definitely make it sing.


The Galactic ID Card for the PC portrait and name is dope! Well done!


This is awesome! Do you have a way to make it form fillable? I think this could make a great mobile version of a warp shell character sheet. :+1: :herocoin:


Thanks! My plan is to have the players draw their characters, then I can scan their character sheets, print another copy, cut out the ID badge, and laminate it as a fun object to have while we play.


I picked the Roswell font to have something a little more “alien” looking on it. Also, the font letters say “Galactic Identification Card”, so I can use that font during the game on some computer panels or something and I will see if my players can figure out that they have a decoder right there on their character sheet :slight_smile:


I have made one, but can’t upload it here.
How can I get it to this site?


One question I will always ask. Sense I do most of my gaming online these days. And it make it easier to show the GM or other players my PC sheet is. Do you have a fillable one for online, if not could somebody make this into one please. I love how nice this ones looks.



That’s so clean, I like


So…that pandemic hit and completely derailed us. However, we have finally come back to the table to play Warp Shell. This is my first time running ICRPG and it went really well. Wanted to show off two of the character sheets since we have an artist at the table who drew the ones for him and his wife.