Mage Character Sheet



Shield Wall,
Here’s the new mage character sheet that I have designed, which is part of a secret project that I’m currently working on.

Download from here:!AhnCcaqbtH-sr3SySPVptzFdrA94?e=IHk0cI

Comments and suggestions are welcome.

Edit: Added form fillable version here:!AhnCcaqbtH-ssAHdI8Fk6h1PP7BN?e=wxc6fY

Edit #2: I forgot to mention that the form fillable sheet calculates STATS automatically from other bonuses like base and loot.

Character Sheet
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Repository: Character Sheets

Very slick sheet! Looks clean and easy to read, good job!


Did you make that in photoshop?


Nope. I use Affinity suite which consists of Affinity Publisher, Designer and Photo. This sheet doesn’t have anything that is done in Affinity Photo though.


Added form fillable version to the OP.

Magic User Character Sheet in pdf?