Character sheet for Astral Tabletop VTT



I am creating a character sheet for use with Astral Tabletop VTT.
Unfortunately, their policies don’t allow making it a template until game creator does not approve it and whatnot ( I will probably submit it for that, but who knows how long it could take ) The only way to share it is if people join in the game with me. So if anyone is interested, don’t hesitate to ask.

Repository: Character Sheets

The Character sheet is ready now. It enables Core, Magic and Worlds - and many other types of play.
I submitted it to approval by Astral Tabletop mods, hopefully it will be added to official templates.

Until then if anyone wants it, just give me a message.

I am not sure if it can be shared directly, but :

First Join my game: Astral game link

Then try : ICRPG Sheet




Lets try like this :

First join the game :

And then try grabbing the sheet :


Nop same error :confused:


Try now. I shared the character sheet in the game.
Once you enter it, you can use “send to vault” in sheet options. And than it will be saved in your personal vault outside the game.


i don’t have this option, i only can see my “character” (an empty sheet)


You should have a character assigned to you


that worked ^^
thanks :slight_smile: