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Hej all!

I have seen some posts on this forum showing off their to-go DM Essentials Kit; the stuff you use, if you play games at a friend’s house at a convention or somewhere where you can’t or don’t want to bring all your terrain. The absolute essentials you would bring if someone called you and wanted to play a game.
I want to collect all these posts here to have them all in one place and to better find them in the future.
If you haven’t yet showed off your DM Essentials KIt you can do it here. I’ll also collect the posts that already have been made somewhere else in the forum and that I was able to find quickly. Please add anything I have missed!

GM Grizzly’s Kit
Meadbeard’s Dungeon in a Suitcase
Kreeba’s Minimal RPG Travel Kit

I’ll update this list as we go along. But for now: Show me what you got! :slight_smile:

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My RPG "everyday carry"
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Mine is not even worth a photo. I use this for 90+% of my home games now, only getting minis out in the rarest of occassions. I’ve got hundreds of minis and plenty of terrain in the basement but I find that it hinders rather than helps my creativity and adaptability at the table. I’m running SWN so, in any given session, the group can go from ship to space station to multiple locations on a planet etc - PC’s are folded bits of paper with names on. Monsters are coloured tokens. Most of the time, we’re scribbling in lead pencil on my inked maps in my notebook.

  • Grid (ruler marked distressed paper, glued to a wooden board and coated in clear acetate).
  • Dry wipe markers (blue, green, red, black).
  • Notebook + pen.
  • Index cards + sharpie.
  • Pencils + erasor (for the players).
  • A small box of tokens (lifted from the game Mage Knight).
  • Spare charachter sheets.
  • Dice.
  • SWN revised edition (or the game book of choice if running something else).


Brings me back. Thanks for the repost


Here’s my stuff for a DM Kit.

These are all free.


Ok this is a great idea. I hope more see this post and comment what works for them. Would love to see different ideas.

I’ll try to update with a picture when I can but here is my quick list for now.

Almost Always

  2. 1x1 Legos of Different Colors
  3. Bag of 5 Dice Sets. Red Dice are GM Dice. Multiple D4s to have multiple Timers going at once if needed.
  4. Index Cards either 5x7 or 3x5 whatever I got.
  5. My thin Pencil Box with all my writing instruments. Mostly use a thick/fat Ticonderoga so I have an extra wide sharpener as well.
  6. My Leather Journal case/cover with my Notebook inside.
  7. Thin Folder with Character Sheets, Reference Images, 8.5x11 printed back up maps
  8. Source book for whatever genre I’m playing


  1. I might deliberately use a printed hex map (in my folder). I prefer printed ones because I can write on the map without ruining anything.
  2. I have dry/wet erase character standees with colored bases that I might use. I prefer to just use the little lego piece on a 5x7 Index Card - helps with Scale and Combat without having multiple maps.
  3. World Map printed out on Hex. I sometimes keep this in the corner somewhere just for reference

Source Books
Sci Fi

  1. Tiny Frontiers [TinyD6]
  2. Sci-Punk Anthology [ICRPG]
  3. Star Wars RPG
  4. Starfinder
  5. Tales from the Loop
  6. The One Ring 2e
  7. Twilight 2000 4e

Emergency Only

  1. Tablet with Google Drive open. Has so many PDFs but I like to stay away from screens as much as possible. I’m easily distracted so jt helps me focus on my players - plus my players are my kids!


Thinks makes me want to go roll up a Mercenary from the original Traveller. :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing your kit.