ICRPG/DungeonCraft Character Sheet by Matt Slaton



This is the new and improved custom character sheet for my table.

I’ve reworked things into a more preferred organization. As well as added a few more character detail elements, which I plundered directly from Dungeon Crafts video on Character Creation.

Here is a Pdf for those who prefer that format…

Creating Player Drive
Community Annual 2019

Dope dude. I likey. :herocoin:


I am curious about your house rules it looks like you included in the sheet?


Firstly, I added fields for players to list their characters Love, Hate and Fear. I find that having this information helps to create Drive for players aswell as Roleplay opportunities.

Secondly, the morality tracker. If the character does something notably bad then the tracker goes 1 point towards evil. If that do something notably good then is goes towards Good. When making rolls such as a clerics healing, or interacting with someone where you good or bad standing might be a factor, then use the morality bonuses with your action roll.

Last, I made a section for weapons and spell because It makes it easier to keep up with your available combat actions. It is literally just a personal preference.

Everything I added to the sheet I ripped straight from that video I linked above.


I like it. It has a beat I can dance to. Even the Russian judge threw in a :herocoin:


I’ve updated the character sheet. I realized that I prefer the stat bubbles to be labeled.

I’m also of thinking of doing a second sheet, a sort of companion sheet with the “ICRPG Magic” character sheet elements on it.

Is this something anyone would be interested in?


I’d be inclined to say do it, though I personally havent used MAGIC yet. Just keep them separate :wink:


That what I was thinking. I like the idea of having modular/companion sheets to go with the core sheet.


I dig your sheet. Dungeon craft is a great channel. He’s up there with Runehammer.


ooh! Need a box for corruption :wink:


I’d like to see a MAGIC secondary sheet. :slight_smile:


This is such a sucinct and elegant design, I love it. Fantastic job!


This is a lovely sheet and the video is instructive, thanks for sharing! I would also echo the wish for a second magic sheet.


i just wanted to say that i love your character sheet and my group has been using it for a long time. Thank you for sharing it with us. i have done a redesign of this one to add in some hacks we use and thought i would also share it. Hope that’s ok.

We changed to add in light weapons doing D4 and Heavy weapons doing D8 then bumped magic up to a d10, also we play with a mastery system that is like magic but for Martial styles and for religious oaths. but they work kind of like magic where you can do a thing that’s cool and spend HP to do them. anyway. we also use sanity in my game as it is a grim dark setting with the players being regular folk that are force by situation to deal with monsters and death. losing ones mind to magic is also an issue. we also use a home brew character creation system that has you fill in the top part and they give you points in different attributes and efforts. so not all you base attributes come from you Lineage (Race or Bio-form).

Anyway hope you folks like it


Very cool! I like the Tweeks you made.


So apparently, I have missed this character sheet in my first rounds of doing the Repository: Character Sheets. I bookmarked it and will add it to the repository later. :slight_smile:
@Korth910: I have also bookmarked your tweaked version and will add it as well.