Another twist on the Character Sheet



Using MTG Cardsmith ( and the concept of “If it’s good enough for a monster, then it’s good enough for a PC” from Dungeon Crawl Classics, I present a test of a new type of character sheet that doubles as a “mini”.


Repository: Character Sheets

this is reaaaally interesting!

I definitely see myself playing a game using MTG style cards for places, monsters and characters

TCGRPG could be a thing! haha


New Character Sheet. Looks like you can reduce font size on the site.


Ooooo. What if you put Armor in the Casting Cost spot? That way it’s easy to find.


Also, reviewing it, I could have saved space by not putting the “Undead Elf Archer” in the large text box. With a little more tweaking, I think it would be more than suitable for starter characters. Once you’ve gathered so much loot, you might need to make a second card with Carried Loot and attach it to the back.


In the Type, you could put Undead Elf Archer, and # of HEARTS. That would save space, too.


Yeah this could be interesting, but we would have to make the stats very visible if this card will be on the tabletop, maybe just a bust shot for the character, to free up a little space. Lumpy Head rpgerminator has a token project that would be great for this.


Casting cost wouldn’t take a number higher than 9, so I put the Hearts there, and Armor under Toughness. Couldn’t think of anything to put for Power. What do you think?


Actually, I found that you can have more than one number on Casting Cost. So instead of 12 you can do 1 and 2.


If we’re after compactness, the ICRPG foundry module just doesn’t put stats that are 0. If you only have a +1 Str just show that.