My Custom Character Sheet 2.0


Hey there my fellow lumpy heads, I revamped my custom character sheet and thought Id share it with you good people incase anyone wanted to to use it. I’ve uploaded a photoshop version of it that allows a bit of editing for those with the program and a jpeg version for those who don’t. Backside is included in the file as well if you just print landscape and double sided.

Click here to download

Have a good one!



I’ve added a Guns and a 1d10 Magic Effort versions to the share folder

Repository: Character Sheets

That’s super cool! What a great looking sheet!!

It might be nice to have a version where Magic/Energy is a d10, as that is where the game seems to be going with the 2e QuickStart. Just my two cents.


That is really sharp! I can’t use it as is because I need the guns/magic updates, but it gives me some solid ideas for improving on the Google Slides one of @Kreeba’s that I had already modded a bit.

Thank you for sharing it!


@Alex @Lon thanks for the suggestions, I’ve made a few new versions.


Love it! Thanks for sharing, man!


Howdy James,

Thanks for sharing this. It’s pretty awesome. Definitely going to put it to good use at the table.

Dice Goblin


Super cool! Is there a way to make a fillable version of this one?


Like your custom character sheet. Wish i find time to make one like that but in French. I put red (blood) for weapon and orange (fire) for Magic.


Not completely sure how to make a form fillable one to be honest.

Anyone knowing how is free to make a form fillable one and I’ll link it in the OP.


Is it pdf Character fillable?


The quickstart rules for 2e, with the new gun rules and effort do not list other ranged weapons.

Unless your game treats firearms the same as crossbows, you might want to modify the “ranged weapons” notation under guns.

A thought, but I find your sheet overall pretty appealing. You did an awesome job.


I was not around for some time. What are new gun rules ?


Excellent, work sheet. I like how it is organized, colorized and the type is big enough for me to read without my glasses, a big plus +++.:grinning:


Hey I updated the font on the six core stats section and put them in the link in the OP.

*edit I added my custom backpage with a Traveler’s Garb with +4 Carry


I love these, so crisp! The stats and effort parts are amazing