Google Sheets Character Sheet



Hello all! During this pandemic, a group of friends and I decided that we wanted to play ICRPG through Discord. The issue we came across was that posting new versions of PDF sheets became incredibly cumbersome with Discord, so I took it upon myself to make a character sheet through Google Sheets to hopefully assist in that. Below is the link to my sheet, just make sure to make a copy for personal use. If you have any questions or comments regarding the sheet just feel free to message down below or shoot me a DM. Happy adventuring!

Master Copy

Repository: Character Sheets

Why does everyone need to post their character sheet? and why not just post a screenshot or pic of the sheet?? You could always make a seperate channel on your discord server, to store the sheets… maybe only keep the latest version in the “sheet” room, and archive the rest to somewhere else… just a thought… (sorry but I dislike using a spreadsheet as a character sheet, just my preference)… Game On!


Honestly it’s just easier for keeping track of things or if one of the PCs has a question with their character sheet I can just go in and resolve it whenever I’m available. Additionally we found it easier to bounce character ideas off one another if you can just hop in to their sheet and give it a quick once-over


I on the other hand love spreadsheet character sheets…specially if formatted to a simple sheet, but tabs can be as detailed and verbose as wanted, while keeping the print sheet simple.

Thank you very much for sharing this, not sure the need in ICRPG. But if it helped your group, it is sure to help others!


We just use a shared Google Slide file inspired by @Kreeba’s Google Slides VTT (before he ran off to wherever the heck he’s been hiding).

No need to pass PDFs back and forth. Much easier to parse and update than a grid of cells. And it looks better—can add pics and screenshots etc. Best part is a Slide’s Speaker Notes section makes a darn convenient place to keep any detailed notes without cluttering up the frequently accessed sheet info on the slide proper.


Hey! I ALSO made a Google Sheets Character Sheet, specifically for my FALLOUT ICRPG hack campaign.

Here’s the magic GLink ;3

And some pics for the curious:

As you can see it is in spanish but yall are welcome to steal/change anything you want about them (If requested enough I can even mod it for ICRPG CORE and translate it haha :3

Cheers and merry xmass!