My sheet with extra steps



Finished my borrow-chop-and-alter of the sheet I’ll use for my campaign and I figured why not share.

I use a alternate rule of feats and “nano points” that work similar to the stun points in ICRPG:Magic the so made a version where I cut the nano points.

Made my world a universe where someone at some point reached a technology level of high-end nanonites that have and still multiples and intergrate themselves in most biological lifeforms across the universe. Like a form of symbiot that. That’s how “magic” works.

It spawned alot of ideas for adventures and opponents. People harvesting nanites and old ruins where civilizations of old store their knowledge (in the form of natite chaches.) Powerful foes and beasts migh be looted for more points, powers or “spells”.

To activate the nanites you spend a point that regenerate at d4/d6 points per peaceful rest. When your points are spent you start paying HP since you are litteraly burning of a part of yourself.

I’m using Khans Spells and feats as a kickof and it’s been kinda great playtesting oneshots.

Repository: Character Sheets

I love the stats across the top and the effort close to the gear. That’s a really elegant setup.


Yeah, I like clean and clear sheets. But some my players like to doodle on their sheets so i left alot of white area.:laughing:


Nice work! Really cool design layout. Awesome that you’ve included a vanilla version too.
What is the ‘MAX’ on the HEARTS for? Is it when certain CLASSES have a hp limit?


It’s mainly for marking the max amount of real hearts the character can regenerate.

I got enough to track so I make bookkeeping as easy as I can for the players. Fruit Flies have impressive attention span compared to some of my players.

But that could be one use for it. Either class or race. The players use eraseble ink pens to fill the hearts and ability levels they have. But I cap hearts at 4 for players. Too much hp often lead to just “leroying” it for my players.

I plan to cut out some cork or self-healing material so they can use pushpins to mark their current number of hearts.

I have items that create/regenerate a emergency sheild, if they burn a nanopoint.

A sheild negates d4/d6/d8/d10 damage per point and grade of sheild. So the future pushpins are for that too.


Amazing character sheet! Out of curiosity, what font did you use? I’d like to modify it a bit for my own campaign.