I didn’t find a topic where we all can put our requests and wishes for the forum. So here it is, feel free to post your ideas on what could be the forum in the future. So i begin:“I think it would be very cool if we ha…

Repository: Character Sheets ( 2 ) [Resources] (32)

Hej all! If this was a German speaking-forum I’d probably make a joke about how I feel very “kartoffelig” (which literally translates to potatoey) which is an idiom used to designate someone being very stereotypically G…

If You're a New User, Read This First! ( 2 ) [ERRATIC ERRATA] (36)

On behalf of Hankerin Ferinale, Runehammer Games, and our awesome Shield Wall community, I welcome everyone to our new community platform. Powered by Discourse, we’re exploring new territory in terms of the great conver…

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Welcome to RUNEHAMMER, a shield wall of RPG creativity made possible by YOU! This is the community home of Index Card RPG, Drunkens & Dragons, JUNK’D, Runehammer on YouTube and Patreon, RPG Mainframe and most importan…

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