Updated Character Sheets SPANISH (español) version



Hey there everyone! We’ve just updated the A5 character sheets we use in our library rpg club and would like to share them with ya’ll.

Here’s the ENGLISH version.

And Here’s the SPANISH version.

These sheets are XP and Magic Points (Mana) homebrew compatible…
Everyting else is pretty much CORE friendly!

Cheers <3

Repository: Character Sheets

That’s awesome! Muchas gracias!


Who did the picture? It looks great!
And the character sheet is pretty cool, too!


Cool. How does your mana system work?


Tremenda hoja de PJ. Así que sí hay gente que habla español en el foro. Saludos


@HotChokletyMilk es muy activo y habla spanish. We do what we can to promote ICRPG goodness in the language of Cervantes. :smile:


You get Mana Stars like you woudl do HP Hearts.

:star: = 10

Currently, I replaced HP cost for spells (following ICRPG MAGIC rules) with Mana cost. You can still burn HP if you don’t have enough MP to cast (1HP=1MP).

There’s also a recovery action that allows you to recover MP instead of HP.


Simple. I like it. Thanks


Que andan mis panas <3 Aca we speak espanish my dudes. Any info on more spanish speaking knuckle heads? Let the shields be heard in the wild south <3
Cheerios :B.


Fantastic looking sheet!