Just Another DIY Character Sheet



Throwing this up here because why not. Probably obvious from the looks of it that my game is as DIY as this sheet (which is stock art, mostly). I took off equipment because my group uses index cards (1 per item) to track what they’re carrying.


Repository: Character Sheets

Hey, it looks good. :3


if you use s index cards for equipment. What you think about use cards for abiities ?


one question I always ask “is it a fillable pdf?”


It is not. I could look into turning it into one, but have never done that so it wouldn’t be a quick turn around (though I suspect the process is probably easier than I’m estimating it to be).


We use index cards for equipment because we go through equipment (or move it from equipped to carried) so much and would be constantly erasing and bubbling in or rewriting items into different slots. Abilities tend to be (at least in our games) pretty permanent so we don’t need the same flexibility with them.


I do have to say your PC sheet looks awesome. I just know with the people I play with if your PC sheet is not fillable they will not give it a second look. For a long time, I expect person all day BS around the table will not happen in the near future. Since Covid started we only play short 3 hour sessions online. So anything we look at has to be pdf & fillable online. Sorry