Spanish character sheet v2 (Español/Translated) HOMEBREW STATS!



So we re-made the character sheet we’ve been using for our local library rpg club, and I wanted to share again here just in case someone might need it and for showing off porpouses :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway here’s the magical transdimentional link!

…Aaaand a screenshot :3

Credits: @Kindred for the AWESOME dice icons for the effort types <3


Repository: Character Sheets

You put them to good use. I love this sheet!


Looks really cool. Is it a Hack of ICRPG with only 4 stats a la Sharp Swords and Sinister Spells? How do you use Magic Points?


Read your explanation for the Stats hack and answered my question. Do you still give 6 points at character creation?


Ty! I think we did a nice job making it look as friendly as possible.

For Magic Points: At character creation you have 1 heart of mana points. Using a spell costs a certain ammount of MP equal to the spell’s power lever, and we classify spells in power levels from 1 to 4 (1 being something like arcane missile and 4 something like a meteor spell). You can regenerate MP by not casting spells in your turn (1 MP regen), using your whole turn to recover (1+Will+Intellect), or consuming FOOD items that are mostly drinkable like in WoW. You can also burn HP if you need, using them as MP at double cost.

About stats, I was more insired by Shadow of the Demon Lord and Rogue Warrior & Mage for it, but yeah xD… And yeah I still give 6 points at char gen, I find that players tend to spend their points without so much fear and it feels like a “sweet spot”, allowing to make specialists and jack of all trades kinds of characters equally viable.