Warp Shell Sheet



Whipped this up over the past few days for my home group’s coming Warp Shell one off. Figured folks might enjoy it.

Big thanks to Kordor92 and Kane Driscol on the discord for font suggestions.

Constructive feedback is always appreciated

Creating character sheets

What are the stim pack rules? I don’t remember seeing them in the warp shell rules from Core or Worlds… Other than that, I am stealing this for my warp shell based games. Love it

Game On!


I’m loving this look, great work!! The only question I have is it supposed to say Carried loot twice or should one say Equipped? That’s all LOL


Stim Packs are just a reskin of the Surge Capsules from Altered State


I’ll change that to EQUIPPED


Updated sheet

might have to make some further adjustments as it is 8x10 rather than 8.5x11 but I’ll leave that for another day


The question I ask about all of this great hard work. Is can I get my players to use it? And for them to use it it has to be a fillable PDF, right now with use only playing online.


looks dope man, really love it