ICME fillable character sheet



Ahoy Shieldwall!

Hank mentioned that folks asked for a fillable character sheet for ICME, and would be nice to have, so I made one with a few calculations to make our life easier. :slight_smile:

Try it out, use it, if you see some errors or have some comments feel free to share them :slight_smile:

Game on!

ICRPG Master form fillable PDF character sheet?
Repository: Character Sheets

once this is vetted, I’ll hook it up to the ICRPG site :slight_smile:


On behalf of us all I thank you :shield: :beer: :game_die:


Thank you for doing a fillable PC sheet.


Tested, proofed, I think it’s ready to go out. The current version is on the same link in this thread. :slight_smile:


Is there anyway to track current hitpoints on this fillable doc? Everything else looks great!


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve added 2 new fields (max_hp, and hp). You can download the new character sheet on the same link. :slight_smile:


Glory to you and your house!


You sir are a legend! Much appreciated!


Is it hooked though?


Thank you soo much! :heart_eyes: It was a great help!Very useful document. :star_struck:
(Unfortunately the font type doesn’t allow special characters like (á,é,ö,ő,ü,ű etc.)
But not a bit problem. I was able to fix it.)


Hey Barbara!

I’ve made one for that case, it’s not so pretty, but all the special characters are working. :slight_smile:

You can download it here.

Játékra fel!


Köszönöm szépen!
Nagyon megörültem, amikor láttam, rám írtál. Elsõ gondolatom, hogy végre egy magyar! :smiley: mi magyarok valahogy mindig megtaláljuk egymást.

Az hab a tortán, hogy te is ismered a játékot :sunglasses: játszhatnánk egyszer, ha van rá esély és kedved :blush:

(For those who don’t understand Hungarian: I just basically thanked him and asked him to possibly playing ICRPG together.)