ICME fillable character sheet



Ahoy Shieldwall!

Hank mentioned that folks asked for a fillable character sheet for ICME, and would be nice to have, so I made one with a few calculations to make our life easier. :slight_smile:

Try it out, use it, if you see some errors or have some comments feel free to share them :slight_smile:

Game on!

ICRPG Master form fillable PDF character sheet?
Repository: Character Sheets

once this is vetted, I’ll hook it up to the ICRPG site :slight_smile:


On behalf of us all I thank you :shield: :beer: :game_die:


Thank you for doing a fillable PC sheet.


Tested, proofed, I think it’s ready to go out. The current version is on the same link in this thread. :slight_smile:


Is there anyway to track current hitpoints on this fillable doc? Everything else looks great!


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve added 2 new fields (max_hp, and hp). You can download the new character sheet on the same link. :slight_smile:


Glory to you and your house!


You sir are a legend! Much appreciated!


Is it hooked though?


Thank you soo much! :heart_eyes: It was a great help!Very useful document. :star_struck:
(Unfortunately the font type doesn’t allow special characters like (á,é,ö,ő,ü,ű etc.)
But not a bit problem. I was able to fix it.)


Hey Barbara!

I’ve made one for that case, it’s not so pretty, but all the special characters are working. :slight_smile:

You can download it here.

Játékra fel!


Köszönöm szépen!
Nagyon megörültem, amikor láttam, rám írtál. Elsõ gondolatom, hogy végre egy magyar! :smiley: mi magyarok valahogy mindig megtaláljuk egymást.

Az hab a tortán, hogy te is ismered a játékot :sunglasses: játszhatnánk egyszer, ha van rá esély és kedved :blush:

(For those who don’t understand Hungarian: I just basically thanked him and asked him to possibly playing ICRPG together.)


The portrait part doesn’t allow me to drop an image in there. I’ve tried 2 different online pdf editors and it just won’t work. It’s like the image goes behind the white wall where the portrait should go. some kind of layering issue maybe? Any suggestions?



No problem, just download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader (it is supported both for Mac and PC, link: https://get.adobe.com/hu/reader/ ).

Important: don’t drag and drop the image on the frame, but click on it. It will open a window where you can browse the image from you File Explorer / Finder.

It will work. :slight_smile:


It isn’t working for me. This is what happens whether I use an online pdf editor or my own pdf editor. The image sits “behind” the spot that is meant for the image to go. It doesn’t matter how I size it. Clicking on the empty box on the character sheet does nothing. Really confused here.


Sorry to hear that. I used Adobe’s official .pdf editor for it.
I think, you should download Adobe Acrobat’s latest version or reinstall it, and try it with that.
And use the Desktop application, from browser it won’t work.