Character Sheet for a 1920ies Campaign



[Edit: updated the sheet]

Hi all!

I’ve created a more ‘modern’ character sheet for ICRPG Master Edition. Currently using it in my ‘Egyptian Gods’ one shot games. Thought somebody might like it, as it is easily fitting a Call of Cthulhu game, too.


Repository: Character Sheets

That is actually pretty cool! Well done!


Thank you - it’s my first time drawing.
Just noticed it is the old form with a slight error in it. Will upload the new one tomorrow.


Very cool! Thanks for sharing!


Very cool! I love the style of it. Will definitely use this if i ever run and Indian Jones inspired game!


Damn @pansophy these are all amazing char sheets!!!


Thank you! I’ve never drawn character sheets by hand, but Hank inspired me to do just that. It is fun and actually gives my reMarkable an additional use case I never anticipated.

It takes time, though: each sheet is about 8 hours of drawing, but I think I’ll get better and faster over time. I’m not an artist and cannot draw a character portrait - but thanks for the kind words.

All of you, much appreciated. :smiley: