Just Another (Updated) DIY Character Sheet



And here it is in action…

Couple of things to note about the house rules around this: additional abilities can be bought with Mastery; Armor (the sum of all your DEF) reduces damage taken, but every time it does a player marks a bubble under “till broken”; weirds are augments and powers bundled together, plus whatever else; and wises are essentially umbrellas for skill checks.

Link to high res: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ULgAwVUWbBklyLGkeWWkhHQnBk0xNdlG/view?usp=drivesdk


Do you have a link to a higher res version?


Here you go. Also updated original post.


Love it! Super condensed while stil usable.
Keeping that top/bottom white space free for character name, extra wises and wealth helps alot.
I’ll definately take some ideas from this one … :kissing_closed_eyes::notes: (whistling)

Repository: Character Sheets

Hey brother, sorry to receive a dead thread but I was wondering if you happened to have the editable file for this available so I could make some tweaks for my home game?


Well… it depends on how much editing you want to do. I built this in Google Slides… so it’s kinda a giant mess to try and edit… but I’d be happy to share the file with you if you want to give it a shot.


Well all I wanted to do (for the sake of not confusing brand brand new players) was remove the text about amor rules, rename the “ARMOR” on the shield icon to DEFENCE and probably change the skull to a more brutal scary skull type of vibe.

I really like the “protection” section with the “till broken” idea but want to use it slightly differently haha

If you can give me the files to edit I’d be very appreciative.

Thanks man :blush:


Aaaactually I’ve managed to rip it apart and change it all on PS.
I can pop a link to my version if you’re interested.

I would love to know what font you use for the text?

Thanks mate


Londrina Solid. It’s a font in Google’s library.