Pocket Mod Character Sheet



Here is my first whack at making a Pocket Mod Character Sheet. It may still be a work in progress but I think it has some potential. For the minimalist player maybe. It needs a little nudging around to fit in its pages perhaps.

Check it out.



Repository: Character Sheets

Brilliant! The back is blank?


Right now the back is blank…but you could put:

A map
Rolling tables
Special rules
Random NPC names
Mapless Maze Maker rules
A drinking game
Number lines for hit point tracking
Recipe for Black Bean Lime Salsa
Questions for your DM


This is great! I love the concept, and the design is super clean. I really like your little “cheat sheet” section. I did a similar thing for my players. I wasn’t sure if that was a thing other people did.


+1 for the Black Bean Lime Salsa =D


Way cool! I’m still playing with mine. In the meantime, I’ll probably take this out for a spin.