My Go-To Character Sheet



I like making Character Sheets and this is my Go-To sheet. I keep it simple and I really like the half sheet size. I would love to see more creations.

Repository: Character Sheets

Repository: Character Sheets

pg 2


Dude. That’s sweet. I am going to steal this.:grinning::herocoin:


By all means… enjoy.


So damn nice! Awesome Art​:slightly_smiling_face::ok_hand:


I found some cool characters sheets online and cut and pasted and used some of my own art skills to put these together so I won’t take full credit. Just 3/4 credit? :wink:


Here’s a new 3x5 (2 pages) I created.

Pen & Paper tools for managing NPCs
Repository: Character Sheets

Made a new bunch of pages for my players to use based on the house rules I have hacked together. ICRPG has been a major guide in this hack and much borrowed or built from it’s foundation.


Wow, the illustrations are great!


Thanks mate. I appreciate it


@DMChef, your sheet is gorgeous! That’s the one I’m going to use in our games. Thanks for sharing.


Awesome stuff right there. :+1:


Awesome designs + love the additional brewing going on in these also.


Cheers. I appreciate it.


Very cool. Hope it works


Thanks very much. Greatly appreciated


I like this, very neat … Now I need to buy some unlined cards to go in my box.


As my home brew has evolved, so too has my players character sheet. This one I have modified from some work done by the amazing Richard Whitters. I took his sketch/character sheet and modded it to fit my tables needs.