A Blood & Snow Character Sheet



Hey, my in-person group is potentially moving into a Blood & Snow campaign soon, so I modified/put together a Blood & Snow specific character sheet that I’m hoping will prove useful.

Most of the changes came from removing elements that aren’t included in the Blood and Snow setting, like Magic/Energy.


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great work as always Kane.


Nice work, what is Slagg Effort?


Not sure yet. Slagg is just kind of a unique element or resource of Blood and Snow that is left open for interpretation. I’m still working it out, but it was suggested on the Discord Server and I liked the idea of it :smile:




I think I may have found out! :smiley:


Can you also explain the Armor section, please? :smiley:


Blood and Snow can have degrading armor, so I just put 10 little bubbles beneath each armor item. That way you can just erase a bubble when you take damage until it’s completely destroyed.


Ah! Right, makes sense! Very nice!


I thought Blood and Snow didn’t use Defense.


It didn’t originally, but I built this sheet for the Master Edition version of Blood and Snow. The Master Edition brought a lot of things into alignment (including DEFENSE) so it would be simpler to jump from setting to setting. That way things like Blood and Snow fit more closely in the ICRPG ecosystem, rather than being a completely different system


That’s why I’m mixed up. I keep jumping back and forth between them.


The armor has hit points! :slight_smile: :+1: