A5 sized custom character sheet



Ahoy Shieldwall!

I fell in love with @MattSlaton beautiful character sheet so I redid it to fit on a A5 sized page and flavored it to my group’s playstyle. :slight_smile: We use d8 for magic, but I can do a version with the d10 variant.
I thought I share it, maybe someone is in the same shoe and need a smaller character sheet because of the smaller table :smiley:

Game on!

Repository: Character Sheets

i like that sheet a lot. good work


Looks great, thank you for your hard work!


For who uses the ICRPG MAGIC system


I cant believe I missed this. This is great! I love what you did with this and in the A5 Format, this is great.


This looks amazing in landscape.


you missed race next to loot and base


We dont use stat bonuses based on races, but if we would, we would have integrated in BASE