My ASOIAF/ICRPG Character Sheet



Hail! I’ve been having fun dreaming up a A Song of Ice and Fire / Blood and Snow - inspired ICRPG adventure. Put together my first (!!) mildly-custom character sheet modified (obviously) from @KaneDriscol 's awesome B&S sheet.

Trying to dial up the survival mechanics for the Night’s Watch PCs by making SUPPLY not stack (unless have a special pack). And using EFFORT to determine outcomes of typical activities (hunting, foraging, building shelter, etc). Creating those tables though is probably a bit over ambitious on my part tho heh.

Interested to receive any tips as well on sheet creation from the Affinity Photo aficionados out there! i.e. I clearly had no idea how to more cleanly remove the loot nodes lol. It was fun to create but definitely have alot to learn.

And if anyone may actually be interested in playing in a hexcrawl game like this please reach out! I don’t have many ICRPG pals yet lol.

Repository: Character Sheets

Looks great! I think your modifications are stellar. :smiley:

As for tips, once you get going (whether in Affinity or Photoshop), you’ll be surprised how far you can get with a simple brush, the eraser, and the lasso. Hank did an enlightening stream on YouTube for how to create custom sheets and there is a lot to learn there even though he’s using a different program.

Definitely keep modifying stuff. It’s an excellent way to learn!


Thanks for the tips Kane! Really dig alot of your shared resources. I’ll def take a look at Hank’s stream you mentioned for some more sheet building info!