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Hey peoples of the forums! I’m joining in with my translated (and slightly homebrewed) version of the character sheet for ICRPG. I didn’t really knew where to post it since most G+ spanish talking RPG communities are moving out/dying rn so I thought it could be a good opportunity contribute here :slight_smile:

NOTE: This work is as amateur as it gets so PLEASE feel free to provide feedback and criticism so I can improve into it! Cheers

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Nice and clean. I like it. I only know enough Spanish to sell a caricature (I used to do caricatures at fairs); so I’m not quite sure what the stats at the bottom are. Do you have XP in you Homebrew?


Indeed! it reads as follows:

Class: Level: EXP: PD:

EXP stands for Experience (as in experience points) and PD means “Puntos de Destino” or Destiny Points which work kind of like Hero Coins.

I run a sandbox “west marches” style game for a local library RPG club, mostly because each session I get different players (and characters) into the world, some are always present and others just come for one session. The idea is that evey character is an adventurer from the adventurer’s guild and each session is a different “quest” that gets resolved in the 4 or so hours we play. Applying the “milestone” reward system was kind of difficult, as we don’t get a lot narrative consistency because of players dropping in and out so I designed an XP driven alternative that also lets me reward certain behaviours.

They need 7+(Current Level) xp to lvl up and lvl up awards a milestone loot and one Destiny Point.

They get XP for:

  • At the start of each session, a player might tell a short story about the past or the personality of his/her character, which awards them +1 xp. If at the end of the session what he told is considered by everyone to have influenced the events, then it gets another +1 xp.
  • After defeating a powerful enemy everyone gets +1 xp. The table needs to debate if it “felt” like a boss fight and thus is elegible for the reward.
  • +1 xp for reaching the end of a session alive
  • +1 xp on a nat 20 or nat 1. This is mostly because I use fumble charts and “no and…/yes and…” approach to crits and fumbles so they reaaally end up feeling like important moments in the game. nat 20 xp is awarded to the rolling player, nat 1 xp is awarded to EVERYONE in the table (even the GM gets xp is a recurrent joke)
  • +1 xp for bringing a cool portrait of your character, +1 extra xp if you drawed it yourself (note tht it doesn’t need to be GREAT just cool, I had stickmen awarded these because they where really cool)
  • +1 xp for bringing snacks
  • +1 xp at the end of the session for the Most Valuable Player, elected by players and GM voting.
  • GM awarded xp for special times not covered by the rules above.

Sorry for the long post I just thought to share the system as it is used in the sheet :stuck_out_tongue: