Landscape A4 2.5e ICRPG PC Sheet Hack



Not official but approved for shares. Enjoy.

ICRPG Character Half Sheet
ICRPG Character Sheet (Landscape)
Repository: Character Sheets

I usually use an actual 5x8” index card, landscape, for my character sheets, so I have to say this rocks.


talked with my group last week about how cool a landscape version of the sheet would be… and there it is. Just in time. thank you very much!


Could you make a small, custom change for me please? Change Guns for Fray, and Type for Motive? Thank you :smiley:


@Runehammer … Check this out!


I posted this on the Immortal discord channel… everyone is loving it. Nice Work.


just wish it was fillable.


Embrace the DIY!!!

A quick search will show you several ways to make it form fillable


this is brilliant, thanks for your work, Tilmah!
This sheet, with life form bonuses on effort and a 1d4 dying timer, has been made official and will be released with ICME :smiley:


Whoa that’s HUGE! I’m honoured. :shield: