Ghost Mountain Roll 20 Character Health Clocks


Hi, I’ve created this Roll 20 clock for Ghost Mountain. It acts like a mini character sheet allowing you to track PC damage. Starts with a full house of 10 hearts and can be changed to have bullet holes to record the ‘damage’. You get the idea. I’ve designed it to be generic so any character or monster can use the same type of ‘clock’. Just drag and drop to create a new one. You just need to add their pic and another pic of their name. Or you could use the type tool in R20. I thought of doing bespoke clocks for all my PC’s but realised it would take too long; and although this method of adding other images is a bit hokey, it’s actually pretty quick and easy to do. Oh and our game is pretty hardcore so if anyone sustains a major injury, all their actions become hard (-3 to rolls). If they take 8 damage or more it’s fatal (on their last legs) and they lose -5 per roll. I know that sounds harsh but they’ve all got some pretty sweet loot so it balances out.
If you like the look of it I can post a .json file which can be uploaded in R20.
Cheers Jo

Repository: Character Sheets

Epic! Also, I came for the card but stayed for your killer town map. Love it!


Cheers dude! Appreciated…