Space Vehicle Sheet


Here is a character sheet for space vehicles, power armor, and mech suits! If you follow the OneDrive link on my other post, Kindreds Contributions, you will find a PDF with 2 sheets to an 8.5 x 11 page.

Repository: Character Sheets

Dude, you are the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you.


That’s a beautiful sheet, man.



(Adding more characters as appearently at least 20 are required to post. But really only 4 are needed for this sheet. So again I say, DOPE!!!) :slight_smile:



Considering I’m going to try to run a riff on The Fall of Arnor which features mechas, I hope to put this to good use


Awesome! Please let me know how it works out for you; if anything is too small (or large) or if I’m missing a stat tracker that you use often. Best of luck in your adventure!


Wow. Really nice sheet. Love it.


that would make a Great VC hero sheet,with a few Tweaks. Artistically speaking, it has the right look.


I like how you think, Lakins-san!


The elements of this sheet are quite beautiful. Great job!


Lol that’s funny because I actually started by using the artwork I was using to create a super hero character sheet.


You are the best bro. Thank for this and all your content!


Aces! But I have a question:

Using this sheet, you obviously build a vehilce like a character. How does it work in play? How does, say, a starship’s pilot interact with the ship’s stats?

Note that I have access to ME at the moment, so if you need to reference something that’s in, like, CORE or something, I’d appreciate it if you’d clarify. Thanks!


Oh boy this was a long time ago, LoL! I think I only ended up using this for a single one shot involving mechs. If I remember correctly, the mechs came with simple bonuses like +1 to all stats. But if you purchased a CHUNK that was armor piercing fist spikes, for example, it added +3 to your mechs STR. So that mech was a brawler in battle. If the CHUNK was destroyed, the spikes also went away and the stay returned to normal. I believe we used DEX for firing laser weapons and INT was something like converting power from armor into the boosters. So if the roll succeeded, your armor would lower for 1d4 rounds but your speed would greatly increase. Honestly I can’t remember how we used CON though.

Anyways I hope this helps. It was just a fun little sheet for anyone who could put It to use. Didn’t really apply to any specific rules or setting.


The link to the onedrive isn’t working for me. As for the PDF, is it already form-fillable? :>


Not form-fillable as this was way before I did anything like that. I’m sure the link has changed. I’ll try to get an updated one posted here soon!