Character Sheet with an inbuilt step-by-step guide, TAGS & MAGIC



I wanted a modular Character Sheet that would allow me to use it for all the different characters that might be created. I also wanted everything on 1 sheet so that a new player can work through it and understand what was going on, even if they haven’t played a TTRPG before. Sort of a Dungeon Masters Screen, but for players.

I also play with players who’s English is not their native language, so I wanted to simplify the Stats a little (in language), without having to convert anything, And lastly I like a low magic setting, so Magic is learnt later in the game.


Ideas taken from CORE, Blood & Snow, WORLDS, MAGIC, @TheyCallMeDeans, and this thread

20 Milestone Talents for Index Card RPG
Repository: Character Sheets

Cool to see my milestone tags integrated! Hope your players like them.


They are great. I just modified GORY slightly to make it a risky choice to do for higher level enemies, so it would statistically work more often on lower (and weaker) enemies.

Gory: If you succeed a HARD Attempt on an attack then it is so violent that you do an extra 1D4 damage. You must describe that damage in loving detail.


Nice design, I like it. :herocoin:


This is awesome! great interpretation and nice looking sheet :slight_smile:


Added a few tweaks and an example

Still on the same document


Dig the sheet and will nick the Tags for sure.