One of my players made this. Just for share!


One can’t have too many sheets. :smile: :herocoin:


cool! I like excel sheets!

This seems locked against editing though. Unless I am doing something wrong…


No worries, fixed it. I had to “Make a Copy” and not just “Save to MyDrive”


This is awesome! I love spreadsheets. I made a Google Sheet for loot that lets you select the type of loot and then you can enter the loot roll to see what they get. It made giving out loot a snap.


Oh nice! Share!! Plz



ICRPG Tables

The first tab is the Loot Table, but It also has a tab to randomize everything else that’s in the core book. So, on the second tab you could create a monster, hero, and all that with D20 rolls.

(I copy and pasted from the PDF, so there still might be some random copy/paste errors. There is something about the way PDF’s are formatted that makes copying from them strange.)