One of my players made this. Just for share!

Repository: Character Sheets

One can’t have too many sheets. :smile: :herocoin:


cool! I like excel sheets!

This seems locked against editing though. Unless I am doing something wrong…


No worries, fixed it. I had to “Make a Copy” and not just “Save to MyDrive”


This is awesome! I love spreadsheets. I made a Google Sheet for loot that lets you select the type of loot and then you can enter the loot roll to see what they get. It made giving out loot a snap.


Oh nice! Share!! Plz



Maybe I’ll share a spreadsheet with just my formulas at some point. That way people can use them with whatever tables they have.


Jordan, Can you please check rule 3 from here:

DMChef did something similar before, but didn’t share it publicly as it breaks Hank’s copyright.

I created quick character cards using the example characters in CORE before, but was sure to get permission from Hank before I posted them.


That was really stupid of me, I wasn’t even thinking. The post was already hidden, but I also deleted the public file. I feel pretty awful right now because I really like Hank and I love this game. I really wouldn’t want to do anything against it.


I wouldn’t worry about it. It can be easily done in a community that promotes creativity and sharing.


Yeah man, don’t even worry about it. We are super glad to have you as part of the community!!! :slightly_smiling_face:

We will all be excited when you come up with custom loot in a cool roller for folks! :wink: