Character Sheet



Here’s the character sheet for regular characters.

Download link:!AhnCcaqbtH-sr3iWp86Aupkw4gEi?e=DOV8gt

You can find the mage version of the sheet in this post:


Edit: Added form fillable version here:!AhnCcaqbtH-ssACkFOsQNJwD96yX?e=dfIMsJ

Edit #2: I forgot to mention that the form fillable sheet calculates STATS automatically from other bonuses like base and loot.

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Repository: Character Sheets

Great sheet! You beat me to it. Earlier this week I was trying to simplify my sheet to maximize space. I’ve gone more minimalistic than you and lost that “ICRPG look.” Your sheet still has it. Great job. I’ll post mine in a bit.


Added form fillable version to the OP.


This is great! Thank you!

Magic User Character Sheet in pdf?