Runehammer VTT: What do you use for character sheets?



I’m trying to get an online game of ICRPG started and am considering using the RHVTT which seems like it really meshes the feel of ICRPG with the VTT tools it provides. I know it’s not a ‘missing feature’ or anything but because RHVTT doesn’t have a built in character sheet manager I’m wondering how most groups manage it. Do your players have physical sheets or do you have them online someplace? I’m very accustomed to Roll20 where I can keep an eye on my player’s sheet if they’re getting stuck. Would love to hear how other GMs chose to manage this.



I use form-fillable character sheets or let my players write one down. I trust them. It doesn’t matter to me if the game is so important that they need to cheat. They just better not get caught, 'cause then I’ll give them an earful of:“It isn’t a game worth playing if you do that.” And then resume play 'cause at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter. :smile:

I do check on their character sheets once in a while to build challenges off of what they’ve written, but otherwise I don’t care too much what they use. Index cards could be a solution. Trello could work for that, perhaps?


Oh thanks for reminding me about Trello! I used that for a BitD game once upon a time and found it useful.

Also, it’s not really that I’m worried about cheating. It’s more about being able to help players who struggle with keeping the info straight. I’m hoping ICRPG being so much more streamlined than most games I’ve played in the past will mostly take care of the problem for me but still. A form fillable sheet sounds convenient enough. Thanks for the reply!


A bunch of form-fillable sheets have been shared on the forums, but a quick Google search might get you more! Good luck have fun!


Most of the time I actually use index cards for character sheets. :smiley:
Also to plug the amazing work that the community has done: you find most all of the sheets in the Repository: Character Sheets.
EDIT (hours later re-reading the question): as a player I use an index card as a character sheet, as a GM I trust the players to keep track of their stuff (but will have a index card at the ready to write some character-specific stuff down).


I let my players manage their own sheet however they want. I dont need to see a copy of it. I trust my players to be honest, because we’re all in it to have a fun experience.


For online games, I usually keep a shared goggle drive folder with all the PC sheets in it.


All of us “old heads” just write out our character sheets in our journals and have them in front of us during VTT play. Usually, my players will send me a copy of a new character when we start a new campaign; after that, I really don’t pay attention to their sheet. I am fortunate that I am playing with seasoned DMs and players, but generally, I trust the players to deal with their sheets; I have tons of other stuff to worry about as a DM.


We used google sheets because of the number calculations and great editing capabilities of the sheets.


Love that idea! Do you have a template you could share?


Sure, here you go:


This is perfect! Thank you


In alfmarches we send a form fillable to the gm before the game. As a player I have a fresh journal page and do mine on there with a bunch of doodles. Runehammer community is trusted to not fuck about and lie or anything shady.
As a gm I write my players characters on an index card just for reference