My first custom character sheet for ICRPG



Hi! Here’s my take on the ICRPG character sheet. Please let me know if any of you out there like it or any other opinion you may wish to share.

Repository: Character Sheets

Wow! Love the design, looks supernice! What programs do you use to make this kind of documents?


Thank you!! I made it using Canva. I’m sure others use different software, but this is the one I found that I can use on my Chromebook lol


I like it, nice job. :+1: personally the words in the circle are messing with my eyes a bit…maybe try a larger faded font like you used elsewhere on the sheet? Put 'em in the middle of each circle, or maybe curved on the upper or lower edge of the circle. Anywho, I like the way it looks either way.


Oooooo that faded behind the circle idea is very appealing!!! (I can’t make em curved because I can’t find how to do that in Canva lol)


This is great man! I’m liking it a lot!


I’ve been trolling for sheets to give my players for their first game. This is one of two designs I absolutely love.

What software do I need to use to turn this into something form-fillable? (Or did someone already beat me to it since this was put up six months ago?)


Only one that will do it cleanly is acrobat pro.

I’d look into fiddling into a templet for google docs or liber office that can be used for form fillable.

Sometime in May I’ll see what I can do if no one else does this sheet.

My main issue with acrobat form fillable is they get super bloated…but I am sure I am missing a few steps. I did it in the past and they where never 150 MB…you can’t send those through dialup…what I was using at the last time I really made fillable character sheets.


Hi @HaveDiceWillTravel !! I’m absolutely honored that you’d like to use my design with your group. While I have not made a form fillable version (I’ve only run it for my group in person), I’ve made form fillables for other systems using . It’s free as far as I’m aware, so I hope it helps! However, I do agree with @Paxx that Adobe would likely do a way better job (I just don’t own that software or a platform to run it on, as I work chiefly off a Chromebook. Please let me know how your games go if you’re able to use the sheet!


the one questions: is it Fillable?


Sadly no. But once I have a bit of time and resources, I’ll look to make a fillable one.


Really nice design man!


Was looking at this, not sure I can make it fillable without adding squares in the fillable areas, and that destroys the coolness of the design. So, you can fill it in an imaging application or by hand.


The only what I play now is online. So for it to be useful to me it has to be fillable.