My first custom character sheet for ICRPG



Hi! Here’s my take on the ICRPG character sheet. Please let me know if any of you out there like it or any other opinion you may wish to share.


Wow! Love the design, looks supernice! What programs do you use to make this kind of documents?


Thank you!! I made it using Canva. I’m sure others use different software, but this is the one I found that I can use on my Chromebook lol


I like it, nice job. :+1: personally the words in the circle are messing with my eyes a bit…maybe try a larger faded font like you used elsewhere on the sheet? Put 'em in the middle of each circle, or maybe curved on the upper or lower edge of the circle. Anywho, I like the way it looks either way.


Oooooo that faded behind the circle idea is very appealing!!! (I can’t make em curved because I can’t find how to do that in Canva lol)


This is great man! I’m liking it a lot!