A very (very) early alpha preview of a character sheet site



Hello everyone!

I have been playing ICRPG for a while now and got inspired to develop an online character sheet editor like the ones found on DnDbeyond. At the moment it is just a ‘front end’ editor without any saving capabilities, as soon as I find time I plan on adding a local load from/save to file option. The site now has a local save and load option! Also it saves the character to your local browser storage. Loading a character will overwrite the local storage so be carefull!

I still wanted to share what I have so far, I have only tested it on my laptop screen so don’t expect this shows correctly on a mobile screen. Long item description will mess up the layout, I’ll fix that soon.

The preview can be found Here (it might be broken sometimes if I mess up):

If you have any suggestions, let me know here! If you find a bug or problem and would like to report it, please use the github issue page for that (https://github.com/Swendude/ICRPG-sheet/issues)

Thanks for the awesome community, I’ve been a lurker for a while :slight_smile:

Repository: Character Sheets

Looks great! Keep us updated!


Thanks so much! I’ve added loading/saving and a localstorage sync. Any ideas are welcome, I’m using this at my table this week so I expect to discover some ux things there.


After running a game with it, I fixed some ux issues so things shouldn’t run out of screen space. Also the number input fields are a bit finicky because they only allow strict numbers. I’m working on a fix for that!


This is awesome! If I had a suggestion it would be to have an option to add Gun Effort from the 2e Quickstart and a general notes section beneath the Loot section. I run ICRPG with Tags so it would help a lot! I’m excited to see where you really this!


Hi! I remember you posting this on the discord and was thinking on this. (Love it, btw) — considering that future editions of the system will be coming out, perhaps you should version the character sheet in the JSON? Just a simple attribute maybe?

Anyway, this is very cool. Thank you for sharing it!


Great suggestions all!

  • Adding Gun effort is on my todo list (will be optional)
  • A description field might be a good idea, I’ll look into it
  • Versioning the JSON is very smart Gorsuch! I was planning on making all future additions optional but I might just add a version ID in order to be safe.

I hope the tool is usefull!