That is also a setting you can change in your Preference / Interface / Other.


Is there, or could there be a links area - to the Runehammer page, to the Patreon, maybe to drive by?


Perfect!!! Thanks so much!


A dice bot, or something similar, on this forum would be pretty neat!


I think it would be cool if there were a subforum/category where we could offer up our original homebrew monsters (ideally grouped by heart rating) with stat blocks following the examples in the official published sources and GM notes on our experiences running them—kind of a shared resource for all the members looking for new ways to populate their dungeons and other encounters.

Expanding Runehammer

Can we change the Hearts on the forum for Beers? Or Viking axes? XD


You can actually do that: next to the scrolling bar of the thread, at the bottom, there should be a big dot called :red_circle: Tracking. You can click on it and mute the subject! There are other options, too!