Quick Reference Guide


I made my own Quick Reference Guide for ICRPG. I really like what others have done. I added a couple of things for me and my kids layers. I hope you like it. My favorite little touch are the point trackers.



Updated One-Page player Handout
GM Screen

This is best one I have ever seen. I think you nailed it. I’m not sure anyone would ever need another one.


Hot digged damn!! :herocoin:


Very cool! Thanks for sharing it, this will be very helpful for both new and experienced players!


I feel like I should send you some money for this or something. :slight_smile: Awesome work!

Here’s a Hero Coin! :herocoin:


This looks awesome. Thanks for sharing! I’m just having a little trouble with the trackers. Could you give an example of how you’d use each?


@Andreas there are just a few different styles of 10 unit trackers. A number line and a couple of boxes or bubbles to fill in. Keeping track of health. I use glass beads at home when I play.


Heh, me too! This site needs something like “geek gold” that we can pass around like on Boardgame Geek.

@DMChef and others here have inspired me to contribute a reference tool myself. I’m working on a one-sheet currency/shop/vendor reference. It’s something I want at my fingertips when I GM. I’ll share it here ASAP.


this is great! Thank you so much! What do you use the point trackers and plot points for?


As my good friend Bette Midler used to say, “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?”


If you scroll up a little you will see the answer I gave @Andreas

I have never seen anyone use this in ICRPG. You can easily track hit points or hearts.


Great work, well presented. Could you make a third page (as DM Screens are usually 3 panels) that contains some of the more extended mechanics, such as Spell Burn from CORE and Tags from BLOOD AND SNOW?



He could @Kreeba, but he’s limited to things available in the free QuickStart unless Hank blesses it. That doesn’t prevent folks from coming up with additional pages for their own personal use on their own.


This is simply outstanding. I printed this out even though I don’t have players to hand it to at the moment. I just wanted to hold it in all its tightly packed, summarized glory.
Like Alex sometimes says, take two hero coins…



This is a great basis for a noob-friendly character sheet as well. Taking bits and pieces pertaining to the player side could make most of the things that and up boggling play a little (EASY and HARD, effort tracking, cooldown tracking). Amazing work.


This looks really great. Thanks for the work!


This is PERFECT for me to hand to new players that show up at my sessions. Thanks!


Steal away. Just share it with the rest of us.


How do you use the rolling table?
What does food do?
How do the hero coins improve the rolls?


Hi! I’m going through it right now :slight_smile:

I remember reading about the hero coins, but I don’t remember about what bonus it had. I’m going to search for it.

Thanks for the loot tables index though

EDIT: in case anyone else is looking, I found this:
Hero coins: you can use them to add a D12 to any effort roll.
Food: from what I read, it can be anything. They give you an example of healing bear jerky and fire-breathing gar. So DIY basiclaly :slight_smile:

Question: gar is a type of fish? English is not my mother tongue and I’m having trouble finding it in dictionaries, google translate or google images.