Gotcha. Not quite what we are looking for then. Should be here on this forum and free. Ideally and if possible.


the icrpg discord channel is free but silent🤔maybe this could be the place for us mortal beeings


Do you think we could get a dedicated thread for sharing notes, scrawlings, prep work, and other ephemera? I would love to see other people’s work/table setup. :slight_smile:


There have been several posts in setups, I think it could be a useful thread, but won’t be too active after the initial flood…then again, it might be right up everyone’s alley.


Yeah, it’s definitely a niche kind of thread. Could die quick or inspire people to make prep fun!
I don’t have a horse in this race, I just nerd out on the deep end of RPGs. :smiley:


I have been mulling over and idea both in my head and publicly on the forum and also discord. I personally think it would be cool to have a map where if I wanted to see who else plays in Fargo, North Dakota, then I could go to said map and see if there are other players in the area. This would be a way for players to connect with others that they may not have otherwise in their area. I’ve seen a similar model work with other groups.

The obvious choice would be to integrate it into the forum since this is a very active community. Thus I’m going to submit it here for consideration.

The alternative is to build a separate site and see who signs up, but I would rather integrate into a healthy community rather than try to create something different. Because in this case I think it would add a lot of value to the forum.

Cc @Andreas @Paxx @wyrmisis (others who have participated in the other discussions)


I like the concept of tags.

I might have missed it but is there a general tag for questions/clarification/help? something for new people to the game could browse through. sometimes you don’t have a specific to search for, you just want to walk through the library and look at the titles.


I would love to see the tab (Unread) or (New) at the top of every thread so I can navigate between them more easily! Please! :smiley: