Quick Reference Guide


Well done, good sir! I hope you’ll have fun playing epic campaigns of ICRPG with your kids! :smiley:


Thanks @Ezzerharden for these answers.

@Alberaan I wanted to make a quick reference sheet for my players but also wanted to make it available for the Runehammer community. I couldn’t put any info that would come out of Core 2. I have created for myself a DM Cheat sheet that has Core 2 info on it but I don’t share that one.

Food I basically let them roll a D4 and give them that they can heal that many points.

Hero Coins, I give Hero Coins when my players do something Epic, Inspired or something that helps someone else. I allow my players to use their Hero Coin to Re-Roll ANY roll. Or give it to a player in need. That isn’t really out of the Core 2 rules but it is my Table Rule.


IIRC when asked in a stream HF said it was a drink of some sort. I believe it can be confirmed in his novels.


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Guess this has popped back up from kanes vid. Nice work