…Thicker Than Water (Cosmic Horror Investigation) @ RuneJammer




This scenario begins as a race against time on Sunday 6 November 1927 in the area of Seattle and its environs to the northwest on Puget Sound. The investigators are all close friends or relatives of Miss Emma Hirst, a young editorial assistant from a prominent Eastside family, employed by a local publishing house. Emma has contracted a mysterious bloodborne infection as a consequence of a violent street robbery that led to the murder of her fiancé, James Manley, and left her injured and hospitalized. Her grave condition worsens as the pathogen ravages her.

When the investigators are permitted to see Emma during hospital visiting hours that Sunday afternoon, her doctors inform those closest to her that the infection is not responding at all to either standard or special treatments. As Emma’s fever increases, her vital signs wane; it is likely she will slip into a coma within 48 hours, with her death coming soon thereafter. The best medical specialists in the city have tried and failed to improve her prognosis. One physician has offered a last desperate alternative: Formula M-113, the highly experimental pharmaceutical research of the reclusive Dr. Giordano Lorci, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington, now retired and residing on a remote private island in the San Juan Archipelago.

This anecdotal account suggests that Lorci’s controversial research could be key to saving Emma’s life. With her medical records in hand, the group resolves to take the evening ferry northbound to Friday Harbor in the San Juans and charter passage to Lorci’s island on Monday morning in hope of imploring the Doctor to devise a cure for Emma’s condition and returning with the formula before time runs out…

NB: This is a cosmic horror investigation scenario in the style of the fiction of HP Lovecraft. (This session features material from The Cthulhack, a free, independent, original rules-light cosmic horror addendum for ICRPG Master Edition.)

Do you have what it takes to help find the clues and save an innocent life?
Enjoy an otherworldly mystery run ICRPG-style in this unique Jazz Age scenario that manifests tones from both Lovecraftian thrillers and film noir.

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