Mammoth Consequences (Blood and Snow) @ RuneJammer 2024



(Wait list positions are available; if I get enough extra players, I will attempt to spin off and schedule a second session!)

Save your prehistoric tribe in their time of need by hunting the most legendary quarry of the Pleistocene Epoch, the mighty mammoth! šŸ¦£ Bringing down such a woolly titan is only the first challengeā€¦

Join your fellow tribe members on this epic Ice Age adventure as Mammoth Consequences returns to RuneJammer. Three intrepid players have answered the call. One seat at the table remainsā€”and itā€™s yours if you sign up today! Experience the guilty pleasure of an early morning weekday game starting at 7:00 AM Eastern/4:00 AM Pacific on Monday 22 July.

Visit to sign up on Sched, and see for all the details on the rest of our completely free, week-long. around-the-clock, grassroots online gaming event, in celebration of all things Runehammer. :shield:

NB: This adventure includes material from the independent Blood and Snow supplement Road to Oasis by GM Cloak, used with kind permission.

The full pitchā€¦

Travel has been hard on the road to Oasis, the promised land, despite the Lion Tribeā€™s strength of spirit. Procuring the necessary resources to maintain the Tribeā€™s well being during the long journey has been a constant struggle. Dangers and disease have begun to claim lives, and the route ahead is expected to be fraught with peril.

Today a pair of scouts has returned to the Tribe with promising news after sighting a sizable herd of revered and elusive mammoths. For younger members of the Tribe, these woolly, gargantuan browsing beasts are only the stuff of stories told around the campfire, often accompanied by the wild claims of more seasoned, well-traveled hunters clinging to bits of hairy hide and ivory as proof. Mammoths could provide the Tribe with abundant resources of many kinds, but their reputation as dangerous quarry looms as large as they are.

Harvesting even one mammoth could have significant consequences for the Tribe on its journey, providing a wealth of benefits and security in hard times. Only the bravest and most skilled members of the Tribe will return from a mammoth hunt in one piece and bearing the spoils. Who will step forward to face these legendary creatures?