BATTLE CHEF: Custom Character Type and Cooking Rules



So I had been working on this a bit here and there and finally finished it!. An ICRPG CHEF TYPE with rules for cooking. Nothing super complex or that realistically portrays cooking but it works. The Basic function is choosing a stat to roll with, getting a boon based on that stat, and spending supply to cook. If you have any thoughts or Feed back lemme know and espically tell me how it goes at the table if you use this. oh and let me know how you handle cooking in your games!
Note: I did get permission from Ruenhammer to list out and put all the Foods loots in ICRPG into tables for this type. I also added a few homebrew foods too making for 4D20 Food lists and a !d12 failed dishes list. Wow!


Nice work man! I love the creativity here and the Type is great!


Thanks, I had ran a fairly fun game with a prototype of this and had a great time. Now the whole thing is an excuse for me to play an unhygienic Gerblin that shoves suspiciously made food down peoples throat until they beg for him to stop (they can’t because their mouths are already filled with too much food)


cooked to perfection, great as always


It reminds me of an anima on NETFLIX “DELICIOUS IN DUNGEON”


How did you get the background pages in the same ICRPG style as the books? Is there a template?


I did this in google docs. In the footer and header sections I just inserted an image of a red line and typed in the “ICRPG STYLE” the best I could. The page size is 8.5 x 11 and Verdana size 9 bolded and 10 as the fonts. The icrpg logo is from here

I hope that helps you out


Thanks! I’ll give that a try and let you know how it goes :slight_smile: