I completely concur with Nick, and the issue may be one of defining each category. I’m going to work up some language for establishing some parameters, but I think the intent is to keep us as streamlined as possible. Think broad buckets instead of fine sifters.


Tags work great! I like that even better.


Thanks I’ve went through all that discobot can tell me. I’ve been noticing that the ‘new’ and ‘unread’ numbers don’t change unless you click into each individual topic. Is there a way to dismiss those numbers if you browse the “new” page (the one showing all the snippets)?


yes there should be i’ll check into that


It would be nice if we could follow people? Maybe have it in the same bar as Lastest/New/Unread/Categories/My Posts? Or maybe thats already a function and I’m just completely missing it. :dizzy_face:


Dismiss buttons now appear at the bottom of each page for NEW and UNREAD

That would be rad. The forum software we’re using does not have that feature by default. It does have RSS feeds that you can subscribe to in a feed reader, you can get the activity feed for each user by adding .rss to the end of their activity URL. This is your feed:

If you want to get email notifications for RSS feeds you can use a service like blogtrottr


The FAQ page now contains a link to the New User Guide, written by @Alex Thanks Alex!! :herocoin:

Tags have been enabled you can add up to 3 tags per post. You can create new tags, or select from existing ones.


Is it possible to have some kind of Community Event Schedule/Calendar thingy where members can shamelessly post events for their streams or upcoming sessions or other crazy stuff we put our mind into like IRL meets?


YESSSS great idea I’ll get on it! That would work great with the Looking for group




would it be possible to include a live chat section? sort of like instant messenger or discord so we can chat in real time?


Yes, it’s in the works to tie in the official runehammer discord channel into the forums


What!? What’s the discord server URL?


what there is a discord channel?


There are two currently! for the Runehammer discord, for an ICRPG discord. I believe they want to make the Runehammer discord the official one. They are both quite empty and silent though.


I agree. I love reading everyone’s work


I know that some forums have add on’s that you can install and if that is possible with this one… and not too costly… I wonder if group chat rooms can be done? It would be great to play the game with one another right here in such a room. Or just spectate as some play it via chat.

Update… just seen the same request above so I guess I second that idea. lol


The Runehammer Discord is alive and active. There is currently a play-by-post chat happening you can monitor right now.

The Immortals locked channels are lively as well, with lots of cool discussions and posts happening every day.


Cheers. Where do I find this? I do not see anything here to indicate it. Or is it offsite?


You have to sub for Immortal level on the Runehammer Patreon then you get access to the Discord.