I Need Your Help! What is your favorite ICRPG Community Content?



Jewel of the Monkey God is really a nice one :ok_hand:



Does Altered State count?


Absolutely. Alex is part of the community too :smiley:


I’ve got my little 3 room module up on itch io with more work under way

The Hall of Lord Ashthorn


This was a nice set of assets for Doomvault, I have used them in a number of games. You may have to scroll down to find the files.


Here’s another one worth mentioning:


Love me some art and paper minis



Also @Glocke’s zombie apocalypse hack


Shameless self promotion. I ran a community game awhile back for Halloween and published the one-shot for others to play.

A lot of great recommendations in the thread so far!


I will always always ALWAYS recommend @Kindred 's The Division and First Responders guides. Truly fantastic ideas and they look amazing as well.

Both are absolutely fantastic. They make a fine addition to Altered State, or in my case were really great for a near future style cyberpunk game I ran for a bit!


OK, shameful self-promotion underground world strike!

.Space Fantasy Types
Ghost Mountain Types: the Mad Scientist
Ghost Mountain Type: the Doc
Ghost Mountain Type: the Tracker - INDEX CARD RPG / Resources - RUNEHAMMER
Ghost Mountain Types: the Preacher
Ghost Mountain Types: the Gambler
Ghost Mountain Types: the Gunslinger
Ghost Mountain Types: the Revenant
Ghost Mountain Types: the Brave
Simple Ghost Mountain Showdown
.Alternative Alfheim Starting Gear
Master Ed. “Hero Essentials” Table needs update
Riffing on the Spell Lists
Narrative Spell Casting Costs and Taboos
Gloriously Dropping to 0 HP
Potions of Peril! - a potion mishap table
Sci Fi Loot WIP
Energy-Scarce Sci Fi
Expertise: A new experimental Stat
Spaceship Loot


I was just about to post this! For modern settings (that have some tech) I think it’s perfect and sets the tone I like as well.

Many modern settings go the horror route - which is cool too - just not what I default to.

@KaneDriscol great idea to consolidate the favorites. Not sure if it’s been done before but even if it has a refresh like this is awesome.



Not listing this one is a sin :smile: It’s for 2nd edition, but it looks great, wonderful and thorough piece of work.


Hey Kane!

This looks like a fun project. Most of the stuff I’ve posted is system neutral, but I’ll share here in case you think anything fits the bill:

Random Encounter Tables: A Guide (Using random encounter tables)
Wilderness Random Encounter table! (Other tables nested in comments)
Random Encounters (Assorted, specific locations) (More tables)
Desert: Random Encounter Table (Even more tables)
Rethinking Initiative: Phases, not Turns (Initiative discussion)
Rethinking Magic: Discord Post Mortem (Magic systems discussion)
Fantasy Roleplaying in the Bronze Age (Bronze age play, updated version in comments)
ICRPG/5e Equipment (Old martial gear by die category with tags)
The HP Issue: Two Solutions (Hit Points discussion)

I can’t wait to see what this turns into!



Very well, here are all the ICRPG specific tokens sets that I have produced:


At lot of folks probably don’t remember Axebane, but he has a bunch of gems for ICRPG, including the epic Moldy Codex #1. I still use it as a reference when considering shopping in ICRPG.



Yeah, I remember Axebane! He put out a lot of good stuff!


My cosmic horror genre hack
(Hope this stupid link works…)


Rightfully so… Jewel of the Monkey God is my go to for an intro/con game.


It. Is. SO. Good.

Eso es todo. :sunglasses: