Alternative Alfheim Starting Gear



Hey y’all! I wanted a little bit more juice from the starting gear choices for Alfheim in ME, so I made up some variant sword rules, made how many hand weapons used a little more explicit, and just fleshed out the choices a bit. Please let me know if you think I missed something that should be there, or if you want to tell me how wrong I am for messing with perfection, you can do that, too!

Long blade - +1 DEF

Stout Blade - damage explodes

sharp blade - on minimum damage, enemy bleeds 1 hp for TIMER rounds

heavy blade - for one attack per location, make attack EASY

Dagger - ULTIMATE if grappling

bar mace - hit HARD to sunder opponent’s weapon

star or flanged mace - hit HARD to make next attack on opponent EASY.

club - hits doing 8+ damage also stun enemy for 1 round

Warhammer - hits doing 5+ damage make opponent EASY to hit on next attack

Battle Axe - one attack per location, do X2 WEAPON

flail - on minimum damage, roll and add another WEAPON die; ignore and reroll MAX damage

Spear - throw NEAR; closing enemies suffer an attack

Quarterstaff - trip bipedal opponents on a HARD hit.

Maul - 2 handed; hits doing 5+ make opponent EASY to hit for encounter; 10+ stuns for 1 round

Great Axe - 2 handed; once per location, do X2 WEAPON; damage timbers or structures.

Great Sword - 2 handed; 3 inventory, ULTIMATE damage

Heavy Flail - 2 handed; attack around corners and over barriers

Pike - 2 handed; closing enemies suffer attacks at ULTIMATE; attack NEAR; cannot attack CLOSE

Pole Arm - 2 handed; attack NEAR; trip bipedal enemies on HARD

Sling - if outside, attack over barriers on HARD; no inventory

javelin - after a hit, enemy is EASY to hit until they pull out the javelin, causing BASIC damage.

Belt of Throwing Knives - 8 little blades, one sheath primed for poison.

Throwing Axe - hit for 8+ damage to immobilize the target for 1 round.

bow and quiver - 2 handed; spend a round aiming for MAX damage.

Crossbow - Crits on 19-20; FAR attacks always HARD

Pistol - Initiative is EASY. Roll against opponent, if won, do ULTIMATE; hit FAR on NAT 20.

Arquebus - FAR range, double GUN damage. Attacks always HARD; damage explodes

Blunderbuss - always hits CLOSE. At NEAR, provokes DEX save to avoid hit in cone; can’t shoot far

Exotic Weaponry - Not all the bases are covered here. Work with your GM for something specific.

Helm - sacrifice to ignore one critical hit

Great Helm - +1 DEF; WIS rolls to hear or see become HARD.

traveler’s garb - +1 Def, 2 bonus inventory

finery - fancy clothes and jewelry for fancy occasions. CHA rolls for nobles and the rich are EASY; attracts robbers

Motley Garb - stand out in a crowd; being seen is always EASY

Glamoured Cloak - +1 DEF, subtle magics obscures the wearer’s identity until revealed.

Light Armor - +2 DEF; chain shirt, gambeson jack

medium armor - +3 DEF; brigandine, scale, lamellar; climbing without a ladder is HARD; sink in water

heavy armor - +4 DEF; plate with mail for the gaps; all DEX rolls are HARD

Warrior’s shield - wooden round shield. +2 DEF; sacrifice to ignore damage of one attack

Soldier’s Shield - a heavy pavise or scutum; +3 DEF, takes 2 inventory

Adventurer’s pack - once per session activate for a small useful item which will work once, or persist for the rest of the session before being broken or lost.

Feed Bag - ya won’t starve, as long as you have your feed bag.

Map Case - Roll INT to check for a useful map once per location.

Prospector’s Pack - pans, waterproof boots, compass, sacks, sifter, rock hammer, scale.

Miner’s Pack - pick hammer, lantern, tinderbox, flint and steel, compass, breather mask, rope, heavy-duty canvass bag

Polar Pack - fur lined pack built into a seal skin cloak. Fire pot, fur mittens, snow-blind goggles, ski poles, snowshoes, boots, rope

Desert Pack - water skin, loose linen clothes, camel riding crop, aloe balm, compass

Jungle pack - sandals, machete, whistle, canteen, bug repellant, tent, mosquito net, raised bedding

Make-Up Kit - Make one performance or disguise check EASY per session.

Fisherman’s Satchel - mesh creel, 2 fishing poles, filet knife, basket snare, swim fins, clumsy diver’s mask

tinker’s toolbox - make temp repairs to metal items

Smith’s Toolbox - with access to a forge, make items of metal

Carpenter’s Toolbox - build and repair items and structures of wood

Healer’s Case - Heal 1 HP, or remove one negative effect of poison with INT or WIS check.

Climber’s Gear - grapple hooks, long high-quality rope, steel belt clips, 2 pair crampons, pitons, and hammer.

Scrivener’s Kit - parchment, ink stone, ink wells, brushes, quills, wax, and seal. Good for contracts, letters, spells, and forgeries.

Spell Item - a single spell in the form of a scroll, wand, icon, gem, or bauble

Spell Focus - a crystal, rod, staff, or holy symbol; adds +2 to MAGIC effort

Alchemist’s Pouch - make to make 1 vial of acid, 1 fire bomb, or convert 1 spell into a potion

Wonderous Codex - With an INT roll, discern a key fact, or a weakness in any opponent or group you encounter.


Whoa! That is quite the starting gear list! Well done!


I love this list! I do feel like the list in the book is really just the most basic starting point. I was wondering what the thinking is behind making crossbows HARD to aim at FAR? My understanding (which isn’t that good lol) is that crossbows came into widespread use because they were easy to use and very powerful.


My understanding (which is limited) is that the range of crossbows is shorter than that of bows because the projectile is lighter, and loses its energy more quickly. This may be only half right, but it seemed a good way to balance out the high crit.


That does make sense…

As a game mechanic I totally get it. I’m still trying figure out how I want to handle crossbows myself. I’ll keep this mechanic in mind.

I really like the flail and the dagger. And having more options for shields. So yeah, I’ll definitely keep this list in mind and if I ever need a list of weapons this will be the go-to!


These are so good! Makes me want to draw on some index cards!

I was wondering howbyour doing effort. A couple weapons reference hitting for 8+ damage. Does that mean your using D8s for Weapon Effort for all weapons?

If I don’t have any Guns in my setting that’s typically what I do which is why I ask.


Doing effort by the book. The warhammer out of ME has a threshold of 10+ for stunning, I think. I went with 8+. With effort bonuses, it’s just rolling a 6 and +2.


That works. Basically Max Tool/Weapon Effort with +2 Weapon Effort bonuses. I hadn’t caught the Stun threshold reference in ME but that makes sense.

A lot of times I have conditions trigger based on Hit Rolls (15+, 18+ etc) or just use Max Effort but this makes sense. I think I’ll add the idea in some of my own stuff. Thanks for the quick explanation.

Tables are some of my favorite things in ICRPG so appreciate you posting this.