Sci Fi Loot WIP



Here are just some fun sci fi loot items I’ve been tinkering with. Feel free to make suggestions!

  1. Gravitronic shuriken swarm - five flying blades, controlled with sounds, looks, and gestures. WIS to attack, vs segmented armor EASY; attacks beat HARD +1d4 WEAPON dice.

  2. Repulsor weapon - Push pistol; WEAPON damage; throws person sized target NEAR; WEAPON damage if pushed into anything.

  3. Forearm grapple launcher - Comes in tractor beam, electromagneting, and nano-carbonfiber models; grapple and pull or be pulled to in FAR range

  4. AI shield swarm - Half a dozen floating duranium or energy shield drones. +5 defense; defense rolls EASY based on shield type, and attacks being energy or gun/weapon.

  5. Entropic field decelerator - +1 heart

  6. Cryonic beam weapon - FAR range; make slick terrain and ice walls; immobilize person-sized objects for TIMER.

  7. Gyro stabilized shoulder mount - attach any ranged weapon; WIS to attack if the target acquisition model; INT to attack if programmable model.

  8. Collapsable phase window - it’s a portable hole, but sciency.

  9. Molecular condenser - collects any non-exotic material available within fluid media; most often used to collect water and heavy metals; edible proteins may be contaminated.

  10. Q Battery - essentially unlimited energy for a handheld device; unstable.

  11. Wrist razor - takes up no inventory slots; first attack does ULTIMATE unless target makes WIS check vs attack roll

  12. Foam grenade - fills NEAR area with quick curing foam. Immobilizes those within; DC 15 STR, 1 heart, blocks standard imperial ship’s corridor

  13. Malfunction bomb - combination of entropic field accellerators and sabotage nanobots; all rolls 5 or lower become fumbles; electronics rolls are HARD for TIMER.

  14. Cyber tentacle harness - 4 grabber tipped telescoping neurally controlled arms; NEAR reach STR+4, +4 TOOL effort; able to climb vertical surfaces and overcome difficult terrain.

  15. Grav- chute - No fall damage; jumping EASY; can also provide personal gravity in 0 G, and prevent being pushed or thrown

  16. “Midnight” dagger - venom infused blade; CON save vs sleep; -1d4 STR, DEX, or CON per hit.

  17. Repulsor blade - sword using angled repulsor fields to create eternally and impossible sharp cutting edge. Successful attacks deal ULTIMATE damage or destroy loot.

  18. Thermoptics Cloak - practical invisibility

  19. Spider sniper - vertical surface capable limited AI robot octopod suitable to mount any ranged weapon, and linked target indicator.

  20. Y-rack - 3 inventory slots; micro-missile launcher, 2d6 missiles; acquire BASIC targets per round; ULTIMATE damage to target and near.

  21. Duranium EMP spike - A super-hard knife which immediately disrupts force fields, and causes any electronic device in which it is placed to cease functioning as long as it is there.

  22. Sticky bomb - ULTIMATE damage, sticks to any surface; set for remote detonation, timer, or proximity.

  23. Sticky cutter/welder - Like a caulking gun of thermite gel, or molecular glue; does ENERGY effort for TIMER after taking a turn to set per :heart: of task.

  24. Holographic projector - Reality in a briefcase. INT check to design realistic visuals and sounds up to the size of a large room. TIMER before flaws in projection become obvious.

  25. Perception filter - place on any object to have it go unseen and unnoticed by intelligent beings, no matter how obvious.

  26. Phase Beam - ENERGY damage to all organisms in a straight line to FAR range. Ignores cover. Blocked by energy shields.

  27. Folding repulsor sled - one inventory slot; can support 4 people, or 5000 kg of material. Slides with gentle pushes.

  28. Hyperdimensional pocket - get 5 extra inventory slots in a fashionable shoulder bag.

  29. Dazzler swarm - microbot swarm armed with intense strobing lights. Dazzle TOOL effort number of targets for TIMER. Ranged attacks impossible and attacks against dazzled targets are EASY.

  30. Flachette gun - launches streams of high velocity super-dense “needles”. NEAR attacks are EASY; attacks ineffective against material, vehicle, and mecha.

  31. Qalta blade - Switch between sword and particle beam weapon. WEAPON damage at CLOSE; ENERGY damage at FAR range all close to designated target.

  32. Vortex device - A poorly understood weapon of mass destruction; suicide on a ship. Creates NEAR sized vortex of utter destruction. Pulls everything at FAR range into it at STR+10, doing ULTIMATE damage as it pulls. Anything in the vortex is obliterated. TIMER duration.

  33. Chem harness - +4 to STR, DEX, and CON, +1 heart, and cannot be surprised when dosed; dose lasts TIMER; d20 doses in harness; after first dose PC will suffer withdrawal after d100 minutes; during withdrawal PC is at -3 STR, DEX, and WIS for 1d20 days, unless dosed.

  34. Combat medbot - robotic centipede; heals up to 10 HP at 2 HP per round; while healing provides armor at +1 defense.

  35. Duranium AI Shield - Super-tough shield with and AI inertial optimization. +3 defense; Roll STR to throw and attack BASIC # of enemies; Shield always returns to thrower.

  36. Inhibition Collar - while wearing, the wearer cannot harm, nor knowingly bring to harm another sentient being, and cannot remove or tamper with the collar.

  37. Wrist Holo: Project the image of a common object or yourself NEAR range. The charge lasts for 4 HOURS. WIS against TARGET 16 to detect the holograph by sight.

  38. Repulsor Field Exoskeleton: ARMOR, +3 defense, roll CON when attacked to add bonus +3 to defense once per round. If the attack fails, inflict BASIC and push the attacker away to NEAR. Will throw wearer if opponent is more massive.

  39. Xeno-Zip Hypo: Alien hormones in a hypo injector. +1 HEART HPs and all STR checks are EASY for TIMER. Stop DYING immediately.

  40. Lie detector: Visor, monocle, or goggles with AI micro-expression and vocal analytics of 3 bioforms. Only fails to detect lies of fabrication or omission on a fumble.

  41. Memory Alteration Bed: Add or change the memories of subject in the bed; changes that could affect core personality features or deeply held beliefs result in psychotic episodes.

  42. Thermoptic frictionless floor plates - 1d6 invisible floor plates which hover just millimeters above the ground. Can be set to slip, HARD DEX check for any that step on them not to fall prone; or set to activate another device.

  43. Linear Frame - Industrial strength exoskeleton for labor on high gravity worlds, or heavy labor unable to be automated. +1 DEF; sets STR to +7; all stealth is HARD.

  44. Respirator - Pressurized ray shield and air supply. Good for 1 day.

  45. Gyrojet Rifle - GUN damage. Can shoot around corners/cover on a HARD check; EASY if using a forward observer with target indicator.

  46. Nanite Multitool - Nanite block can be set to the take the shape of any rigid tool or weapon; +2 effort; Max NEAR length; neural link allows for “liquid” weapon making attacks EASY.

  47. Perfect Songs - using Advanced Mathematical / Functional Music technology, rhythm, tone, and lyric designed to psychologically boost certain listeners. Allies get tool effort added to rolls that round.

  48. Coffee; The Good Stuff - prepare in the ship’s galley, recover without rest, +1 to INT and WIS for one scene.

  49. Speederboard - lifts only a meter or so off the ground, but makes landings soft and looks cool when you travel. Use as a shield, sacrifice to negate damage from a really bad hit.

  50. Nanite healing gel - make certain to select the right species before applying! Heal TOOL HP per round for TIMER. Inflicts 1 HP damage for TIMER if set to wrong species.

  51. Coup Stick - electro-chemically calibrated baton drops target unconscious for TIMER immediately on a touch of bare skin. Roll for species.

  52. Subliminal conditioning module - use during sleep; TIMER nights add +1 CHA, +1 WIS

  53. Stabilizing gauntlets - use long guns one-handed; +1 DEF, +1 DEX

  54. Observation drone - cannot be surprised; +2 WIS

  55. Mechanic’s AI - reviews issues, inventories resources; +2 INT

  56. Myomer muscle weave - +1 STR, +1 dying TIMER

  57. Harmonic Hammer - +1 effort; destroys loot

  58. Volcano pistol - NEAR range, attacks are EASY; 4 x ENERGY; 3 shots.

  59. X-38 Astrogation Computer - install in ship; roll ULTIMATE when navigating a jump.

  60. Mutagenic bomb - roll 1d4 for all carbon based life NEAR: 1. Overcome by rapid tumorous growths, lose 1 heart permanently, suffers ULTIMATE damage; 2. Rapid irregular mutations inflict ENERGY damage; 3. Minor mutations inflict BASIC damage and -1from random stat; 4. Violent Mutations drive target completely feral, and inflict one randomly generated monstrous feature and one monster behavior.


Really cool ideas here! I like the malfunction bomb and the foam grenade. I just had a player install a forearm mounted grapple gun too, I think they’re enjoying it.


Little can be more fun than some hook shot/bionic commando action!

  1. Holographic projector: Place to project the image of a common object or yourself in place. The charge lasts for 4 HOURS. WIS against TARGET 16 to detect the holograph by sight.
  • Sound-shield exoskeleton: ARMOR, +3 defence, roll CON while attacked to add additional +3 to defence once per round. If the attack fails, inflict MAGIC effort and push the attacker away to NEAR. Implanting the exoskeleton is a very dangerous process, which requires 3 HEARTS of effort on INT, and WEAPON effort damages to the patient on each fail.
  • Adrenaline injection: +1 HEART HPs and all STR checks are EASY for TIMER. Stop DYING immediately
  • Lies detector: A infrared goggle with internal AI able to identify objects and micro-expressions of common lifeforms. You fail to detect lies only on a natural 1. Searching is always EASY, also in darkness.


Cool ideas! I think your vision of the holo projector is more of a wrist model. I will add to the list, with minor modifications.


sure, I was thinking of the Star wars “phone” ahah, but maybe I missed t your point


I was going for more of a sci-fi illusion spell.


I think I like the idea of rusty exoskeletons, I would expand on that :sweat_smile:
As I imagine them, they should be strong armor but that consume your lifeforce, so with some drawback that maybe can be shared by all of them. Like strong and cursed armors.

  • Mine Worker Exoskeleton: Armor, +2 DEF, +6 STR, -2 DEX, slow, noise. You recover HP at half speed.
  • Mortorball Exoskeleton: Armor, commonly worn during matches of the deadly Motorball completion played on [add a planet]. +3 DEF, +3 DEX, move FAR in one movement. Attract a NEAR metal item with a magnetic field, WIS vs STR if held.
  • Scorpion Exoxkeleton: Armor, usually worn by the wasteland warriors on [add a desertic planet], it has two extensible chains on the arms and AI support to climb any type of surface. +2 DEF, You can attack two times with one action for WEAPON damage to CLOSE. Walk on any type of surface.


Getting a strong Deep Sky Derelicts and or diesel-punk vibe from these.


Here’s a list I made a long time ago in one of my GM journal, most of them (if not all) are inspired by popular sci-fi:

  1. Ant mines: they bury themselves and run to the enemies to explode.
  2. Soul disc: forms from hard-digital, deals ULTIMATE damage to people who wield a soul disc.
  3. Diamond whip: invisible to sight.
  4. Chirping grasshopper: tiny but mighty, it deals 4D12 Effort damage and force its user back!
  5. Snake staff: pierces armor.
  6. JF1: once you hit, this baby never miss!
  7. Hoverboard: self-explanatory?
  8. Geljet Armblades: tied to your forearms, spinning gel with hard particles in it cuts through a lot of stuff!
  9. Forcefield gloves: summon large, forcefield hands at NEAR distance.
  10. Laser visor: this one’s easy! Like Cyclops!
  11. Shoulder turret: fires independently on its own turn.
  12. Underwater respirator: but don’t dive too deep with it!
  13. Big buster: deals +1D10 (Energy Effort) damage per turn charging!
  14. Anti-gravity belt: treat any ascending check as EASY.
  15. Jet boots or magnetic boots, up to you!
  16. Scancorder: acts like a tricorder!
  17. Alien Exoframe: has a personality and a turn of its own, has no social skills, but will identify threats… and might decide to act on them without permission!
  18. Fidget spinner drone: can glow, flash, and/or play music, good for distractions.
  19. Xill jockstrap: protects you from critical hits and attacks from female characters.
  20. Combinator: some sort of robotic cube with very advanced (and talkative) A.I. who will gobble up your loot to combine them into a new piece of loot. Satisfaction not guaranteed!

I hope that you like 'em! :grin:


Ooo, hover board gave me an idea!


Great list. Here’s my alternate entry for #30, which I was working on before you posted your definitive one.

Your cool creation makes me wax nostalgic for the needler pistol in the old-school AD&D (1e) dungeon module S3 “Expedition to the Barrier Peaks”!

Weapon—FAR range, high-tech, intimidating, nasty, volatile

This powerful, electromagnetically-operated handheld projectile weapon quietly disperses tiny finned duranium needles in a burst of five sequential quad-bundles (each bundle is one “round” with four splinter-like projectiles) at a high rate of fire using portable rail-gun technology. The gun hits its intended target within FAR range on attack roll that matches the target’s DEF score (or the encounter target number); an additional hit is scored for each count the attack roll exceeds the target’s DEF, i.e., (ROLL+1)-DEF = # of hits, with a maximum of five hits from a burst (a single attack action; e.g., a roll of 18 scores 3 hits on a DEF of 16). Each quad-bundle hits for D4 points of piercing damage, yielding up to 20 points per burst on an a successful attack. The built-in power cell has energy for five bursts—matching the gun’s ammo capacity—and is not hot-swappable, requiring the gun to remain in a stationary charging station to recharge at 12 minutes per burst. On an attack roll of a natural 1, the gun’s power cell overloads, exploding for ULTIMATE damage within a NEAR radius in D4 rounds (1 is an immediate KA-BOOM!).

NB: This weapon would be the pistol-sized, higher-tech electromagnetic cousin to a modern automatic shotgun (like a select-fire version of a Saiga-12–INSANE!) with its mechanics completely and concisely defined by the simple tags “burst 5 (D4 scatter damage), capacity 25, FAR” under the proposed optional rules for high-ROF gunplay I suggested in Pseudorealistic Selective-Fire Gunplay for ICRPG.


Let’s try to turn that into one line for the sake of our players, eh?

Weapon—FAR range, high-tech, intimidating, nasty, volatile

GUN damage +1 GUN damage for each point over TN. Explodes for ULTIMATE damage in TIMER on fumble.


Like I said, great list. :+1:

  • Portable Entropy Inverter: Item, an ancient, infamous Xillian invention made in duranium, the knowledge needed to fabricate more of those has been forgotten. When activated, annihilate all NEAR living beings, including the user. STR and DEX both needed to escape the gravitational field in time, HARD if CLOSE. At 10 HEARTHS of lifeforce consumed, it generates a young STAR of the dimension of an olive. It can power a spaceship travelling at Speedlight for 300 HOURS.
  • Void dream: Item, enable contacting a mysterious, tentacular entity existing in the deep space. 2 SANITY DAMAGE to +2 to INT, WIS, or CAR for 1 WEEK. SANITY heals at half speed.
  • Anti-gravity disk: Item, attaches on any surface, inverts the gravity in a cylinder based on it.


My needler gun inspiration was Star Frontiers, a different 80s TSR product :sweat_smile:


Coffee - The Good Stuff - prepare in the ship’s galley, recover without rest, boosts courage and resolve

Speeder Skateboard - lifts only a meter or so off the ground, but makes landings soft and looks cool when you travel. Use as a shield, sacrifice to negate damage from a really bad hit.


#20 sounds like the opening of Heinlein’s novel Starship Troopers—which they completely left out of the feature film, much to its detriment.

As I hit, the Y-rack on my shoulders launched two small H. E. bombs a couple of hundred yards each way to my right and left flanks but I never saw what they did as just then my first rocket hit—that unmistakable (if you’ve ever seen one) brilliance of an atomic explosion. It was just a peewee, of course, less than two kilotons nominal yield, with tamper and implosion squeeze to produce results from a less-than-critical mass—but then who wants to be bunk mates with a cosmic catastrophe?


Perfect Songs - using Advanced Mathematical / Functional Music technology, rhythm, tone, and lyric designed to psychologically boost certain listeners. Allies get tool effort added to rolls that round.

Available on many media (boom box / DJ setup vinyl / mobile picobot electrosound generators / …) it is the song that counts. Surprising how similar these advanced calculated compositions are to (Wagner / Public Enemy / Led Zepplin / Fugazi / …)


You caught me! One of the few details I retained from that book.

I think I would have appreciated the movie more if I had realized it was making fun of the things Heinlein took seriously.